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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Manila Trip

My apologies for missing Tuesday's Tales last week. Unlike my past tales which are rather nostalgic, this week's Tuesday Tales is about my very recent trip to Manila.

Though I have said it many times here that my visit was rather business and that it did not afford me time to see Manila I'm so glad I did find time meeting some good friends there.

I met my pilot friend and it was a nice brief meeting with him... ;)

Then I had dinner with Jing at a Chinese restaurant. It was a short dinner as I still have to go to work after but it was a good get together for us.

Then...on Friday evening I went to visit R's house. R is a friend of the IT Guy and well he is also very IT. I met Jing through him. He sent his driver to pick me up after my meeting at around 10pm or so...and I had a late dinner at his place. I did not know he can cook! He made some nice pasta and barbecue. I love the dips he made or not sure now if he has a better name for it...all I know is it went well with the salad and the barbecue. LOL And the drink...hmmm vodka and lychee...yummy!

After dinner we drove around Manila and dragged the kids to join us. I almost felt bad for them as they seem to be sleepy...but well looks like the Dad really did know his kids because it did not take long for them to up! ;)

We visited The Fort and well as I've mentioned in my other post while waiting for my boarding...he saved my day because he found me some Krispy Kreme. We had some quick bites there and I had some coffee.

Here are some photos of me with R's lovely daughters!

They drove me to Makati after as I have another meeting at around 1AM. I was supposed to have my meeting quick so I can still join them but meeting with the boss dragged on til 15 minutes to 7AM.

So with a heavy heart I had to call R to tell him to just go home with the kids. It so happened that I was my second cup of coffee with the boss at Greenbelt so it was a bit convenient for them to bring my Krispy Kreme.

So we had to bid farewell...and call it a night.

I wanted to joke that I'm the eldest of these three pretty girls...but then, R is really too young to be my Dad. LOL


Can you believe that his man is the Dad of these three ladies?!

Oh well...

So that's it! Now I have something to look forward to every time I go to Manila...I just love his kids very much. Very pretty...respectful...well discipline and smart! I'm still trying to convince R to let them study college here in Cebu. LOL

Okay...that's it for my Tuesday's Tales. Please sign up below if you have some tales to share this week.


Anonymous said...

Nostalgic or not. What a great tale and the pictures are great. I love the one with you trying to be the eldest daughter. Too funny. Sounds like a great trip. Mine will be up at it's usual time. :)

sbwrites said...

What a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing your photos! I'm so glad you had a nice time.


broca's area said...

lovely snaps..

p.s-hope tht guy is not on botex!!