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Monday, July 06, 2009

I Need My Own Car!

The entire Sunday was spent with my bed and bed alone...and in the process of dragging myself out of the rut I was forcing a conversation with the IT Guy and was prodding him of buying another car...because I want to drive again. Asking that believe me seems asking for my life back!

Anyway...we were discussing about cars...prices and cash availability.

He told me if I drive again maybe I need to get a small car. Well...Mariposa loves big cars! LOL Then he said for my convenience I should have an automatic car...umm....hello, I love manual. Okay...there...we can't seem to agree.

So he said...let's look for car reviews so you get to read yourself why I want you to get a small automatic car.

First consideration...COST. So we checked reviews for Kia. Since I'm starting to see people driving Kia here...and so far they seem to like it! So we were checking Kia cars...and well its price is way affordable...and behold I saw the Sorento! And IT Guy was shaking his head in disbelief...with my obssession with big cars when I am almost minute! Ha!

So I asked him what's his choice...then he said let's check Toyota...Toyota Sienna specifically. I don't know about that car...all I know though is that Toyota here offers good service station and that parts are easy to find. So that is one nice thing. He's not small but not as big as the Sorento. I am not so into minivans. So end of topic.

Then I saw Dodge Journey! I LOVE it! I love it in silver metallic.... So that's it! I can settle for a five door wagon.

IT Guy almost pissed...said one more time -- You need a small car.

So I told him...fine. I need something fancy...sleek...and pricey! LOL

Then in his most sarcastic voice, he said, okay get a - PORSCHE!

Well...I'd love to...but IT Guy will only end up driving it because I am not into fancy cars like these. Truly it's nice...but not just practical for Cebu...moreso just to drive to work.

Oh well...Michael if you are lurking here...I have a change of mind...I think I can accept that gift you wanted to give me many years ago...send that Jaguar to Cebu!


Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm not wanting to get in the middle of this but I say if you want a car, go out and buy one. LOL And buy what you like. You see why I'm single LOL. That's just the way I think. Manual...I can't stand those I must say...I like the comfort of just putting that sucker in D and going :) Aloha

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about manual transmissions. They may not be as convenient as automatics, but, from a performance standpoint, they are far superior. In fact, I love manuals so much that I an going to considerable trouble and expense, to convert one of my Jaguars to a manual.

Somehow, I just can't see you behind the wheel of a 'mommy-mobile' like Sienna, or Journey.


Jen said...

Ugh... don't get a minivan. They are massive gas guzzlers and a pain to park, etc., etc.

But I'll reverse my position and say I agree that you should get what you want.