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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Celebrating Life With Gratefulness

It's Thursday morning here and another reason to sit down and make a list of what I'm grateful for...

This is the day the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
- Psalm 118:24

I am thankful for the following --

♥ For being receiving the Humane Award! Thom is so kind to share the award with me...

Here is the rule: “The Humane Award is in order to honor certain bloggers that I feel are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in my blog and always leave the sweetest comments. If it wasn’t for them, my site would just be an ordinary blog. Their blogs are also amazing and are tastefully done on a daily basis. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendships through the blog world.” Recipients of this award should write a post about it, linking to the person gifted the award, along with ten of their own nominees.”

Well let me modify the rule a bit...I'm sharing this AWARD to all Thankful Thursday participants. I will update this post with each of your link. I believe people who celebrate life with gratefulness is more than worthy of this award.

So if you happen to be here and is joining Thankful Thursday...feel free to grab this AWARD!

I also would like to extend this award to Solomon. She's the first blogger I've met whose blog is solely dedicated gratefulness...thus her blog is "Things I'm Grateful For".

This AWARD also goes to Susan the Wellness Writer. I really appreciate her dedication in sharing information and personal experiences to people seeking balance and wellness.

This also goes to Broscacera...who spends hours in the hospital helping sick people.

And lastly I'm sharing this to an online friend of mine...though he had stopped blogging...I'd still love to share this AWARD to him...MAXX you deserve this AWARD.

♥ I am so thankful with my new job! I love the my new office...and I'm so inspired. ;)

♥ I'm thankful to God for his gift of life and health. The one week rest I had brought me back my enthusiasm preparing me for my new job.

♥ I'm thankful for my family and friends for their unending support.

♥ I am thankful for the rain...the sun...everything I have around me.

♥ I am thankful for all the blessings I received and for all to come!

I wish you all a nice rest...Happy grateful Thursday everyone...

Please check Thankful Thursday
d together let us celebrate
all the
things we should
be grateful for!


Jen said...

Happy Thankful Thursday to you, Mariposa! I'm grateful you're happy in your new job!

sbwrites said...

Dear Mariposa,
I'm flattered to receive the reward. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm so relieved that you like your new job, and have so much to feel grateful for. So do I!


Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend, even if I do say so myself. LOL. Glad you are happy in your new job. Aloha

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Your thankfull heart is SHINING through...
Happy and blessed TT


Denise said...

May God continue to shine sweetly upon your life.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for your friendship "Little Butterfly" :-)

I hope that you absolutely fall in love with your new job and work environment (I hear that the pay aint too shabby either. LOL).


Lauren said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful! :D

Karen said...

It is so nice when you can love your job! Sounds like your enjoying your new job.

Also, a supportive family is indeed a blessing!

Hope you have a great day!

teachermomof2 said...

Congratulations on your award! You are a ray of sunshine!


na said...

What a great post! I am so glad that you have a great job now that you love...God is good!

foto said...

Let's exchange LINKS BLOG ....

Daisy said...

Passin by from TT and wishing you have a blessed weekend!

I also joined this week's meme so hope you come by and visit


Rita T. said...

Thanking the Lord for your new job too!

Unknown said...


Girl, you always have such a grateful heart. What a list this week and a ton of awards.

Happy TT and see you again Thursday. Hugs.