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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Haircut

My Tuesday's Tales is a bit late than usual...I've been running late around here lately if you've noticed. LOL

My Tale for this week is not so long ago...but rather just a few months ago! And what prompted me to share this one for today was my conversation with my Mom early this morning. We were talking about haircuts and remember the first time my nephew had his haircut.

Here he sits waiting for his hair to be shaved off! LOL

I'm looking at this photo and had to stare. See those innocent cute eyes? Clueless of what's to come. I remember he cried...and he cried ALOT! And he was picking up his hair after...and it was like...he just lost lost the love of his love and was trying to pick up the pieces of it. Ha!

We let him enjoy his favorite spaghetti at McDonald's after...

He always exclaims WOW everytime he sees a spaghetti! Even with the mention of the word...

And that has been his haircut since...


And it is so funny because after he is alwaysproud with his head/ hair and seems to idolize the IT Guy because everytime he sees IT Guy he would always point to his head and then touch his and smile. Like he is telling him see...we have the same head! LOL

He loves to mimic the IT Guy alot...for whatever reason. kids always cry when they get their haircut?

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Anonymous said...

They have spaghetti at McDonalds? I'm amazed. What a great Tuesday Tale. Your nephew is a handsome little boy and his hair cut is awesome. Great story my friend. Thanks for sharing :) Aloha Mines posted as well :)

Jen said...

Loved this post, Mariposa! And your nephew is just the cutest little boy ever. And yes, I do think little children of that age mimic folks they admire. We had a little friend years ago when C was starting home schooling and this little one was about your nephew's age at the haircut, and we'd meet at a bagel place and whatever C would do, N would do - it was terribly cute!

broca's area said...

lol at the first snap!!

Happy said...

Noah is really good at getting his hair cut...he loves it. It's his vanity, though...big mirror, pretty girl telling him how cute he is and so on. He sits so still it makes me sick when the hairdresser comments on how well behaved he is! As if he's that way at home...ha!

I meant to tell you that I linked to your Creamy Tuna Pasta recipe yesterday, but you found it before I had the chance to! I'm thinking I'll do it exactly as you doesn't look like it needs any adjustments! I can't wait and I'll let you know how the family likes it!

min said...

He is sooo cute with that egghead look.
I didn't know they had spaghetti at McDonalds either. When did they do that?

sbwrites said...

My son is 20 and I still vividly remember his first haircut. In fact, they gave us a photo and a lock of his hair as a memento.

P.S. Your nephew is adorable!