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Friday, June 12, 2009

Giveaways Ideas

This is a quick thought and I'm just typing out loud...

Until now IT Guy and I have not finalized any date for the wedding next year yet...and IT Guy has been wanting me to send something to friends even a simple Save the Date invites!

I know this is something most people do...especially if they're planning an event way ahead...for our case we have about a year.

Some people might think it's quite a length of time to plan a wedding...some would say just enough...I say...I'm overwhelmed! LOL So many thoughts and ideas running through my head...and I can't seem to finalize anything...not even motif!

All I know is I want a private and solemn sunrise ceremony followed by a champagne brunch...and we can host another reception later in the evening to accommodate other friends and office mates.

Did I mention I used to do events and weddings before?! Well...yes...and though some might think it's supposed to make it easy for me, I'd say no, not at all. It just gives me an infinite ideas ton what to do.

I will start with the very basic...send out that Save the Date invites! I guess that would also make me peg the month of the wedding at least.

Next would do I send it?!

I feel so generous and I want the people to remember and look forward to it so I plan of sending them a compact all in one calendar/calculator with world time. Just like the one below!

I found this cute item at Promotional Giveaways site while I was looking for giveaways ideas online. I always want to give people useful to them and not just anything where IT Guy and I can put our name on. There are so many giveaways there that it was really hard for me to decide what to pick. I hope I found the good one! :)

Also for anyone who plans to give out something to friends for the Christmas season, I'd say now is the best time to shop around. I've been thinking of ordering some pens for the IT's supposed to be a surprise...but anyway, I'm going to charge those to his card anyway! LOL

Back to the Save the Date...what do you think? Any suggestion on what month is best for weddings? I have apprehensions on scheduling it on January as it's usually a busy month for most people. I also would love to stick to the month of May as we celebrate our "anniversary" on May 8 and I figured it's best to celebrate just one date! Ha ha ha! BUT I read something which says..."Marry in May and woe the day." I honestly don't give a heck...but would love to hear people's thoughts.

So...what month did you get married? I know Momisodes was around May as well...I hope I remember it right! ;)

Shoot me emails anytime or leave me a comment here if you have other ideas for giveaways...okay?

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