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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Closing The Gap

I missed my Tech Tuesday this week and well it's not Tuesday but let me talk about information technology anyway...

One of the things that I really love about technology is the fact that it allows people from different place to be connected. It just made the world smaller that it already is! The digital world closes whatever gap that divided people geographically.

I'm not a computer geek or something and my skills are not as great as most people in IT (add to that the fact that the bf is an IT Guy!). Yet I'd also say, ahem, with modesty set aside that I know a computer and I can definitely make it work. What I mean by that is...among computer grade seems higher! LOL So I end up sometimes helping them with their computer issues. Even with friends from other countries!


Well we can either chat and I tell what to do...or I go remotely to their computers and fix the problem.

Whoever thought that it is possible for me to turn on a video and install a software on a computer in let us say LA while I am in Cebu? I love technology!

But the problem is when there is a physical set-up required? What if the person needs to set-up a network? Set-up his TV to interconnect with his computer? Sometimes manuals are just hard to understand you know...

Here what we normally do is just call a friend (thus IT Guy gets to be called for help a lot) and let the friend do the physical set-up. There are just not just companies that offer this service to residential...and the need in the residential sector is growing!

I have to mention this because of a conversation I had with a friend last night. She needed me to help with her computers and all and more! I just can't virtually pull her cables and reconnect it back you know! Then she told me she can call a
Computer Repair company to do it for her. She just want to make sure she understands what need to be done and she wants me to check after how things are. I was like...that is great! (I don't have to stay online talking to her and helping her read the manual! LOL) She added that the technicians from there provide fast, affordable business computer service and technical computer help - offering same day, weekend and even evening appointments. Sweet!

I'm amaze with how business adopt to industry's needs. Right now...home office and online businesses are growing and I am really happy to know that the industry acknowledges this by offering services that would cater to these small players. It helps close the digital gap in my opinion. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous can afford technology at the privacy of their homes! I believe this also spells progress and democracy.

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