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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Fun To Read...

The other day I was going through old blogs I used to visit and I visited a fave of mine, My Life...A Cup of Deja Brew. The last post of that blog was dated April 19 and it was titled Everything But Thankfulness. It was a very nice post...Jet was relating her life to us as a nurse.

She went on detailing how her life as one each shift would start and end and how challenging it can be...and just one incident at the store where she carried a conversation with a stranger telling her how grateful she is for the nurses in the hospital she was working...etc, etc. I welled in tears for so many reasons...first I felt for her pain being away from her friends and family...and while I was composing my thoughts in my head on how to tell her how great her job is...on the way to the bottom, somebody already did! How great is that?!

So I got curious and I was looking around for related articles and I get to Scrubs. This is a very fun site as opposed to other nurse sites which is other too clinical in discussing about the profession and the people in it. If there is one thing that sets this online magazine it's the part that it has a personal touch all over the site!

Browsing through the site made me my head, maybe this is something people like Jet would love to read. This is something uplifting...light and inspiring. Just what people need in this times of busyness.

The site covers variety of reasons for readers to smile...regardless if they are nurse...or just any readers.

I am particularly touched with one article about Praying with a Patient. What a nice virtue to share with fellow aspiring nurses. And what a comfort for readers to know that our loved ones are with people...and are given extra care. I really loved how the magazine addressed this certain topic. The article ended with the following amazing tips --

Tips for Praying With Your Patients

* The most important thing is to clarify what will be the most helpful for the patient, rather than what you think they need. This is good practice anyway– assume nothing.

* Ask directly what the patient wants to pray about, and allow the patient to speak his or her own prayers, too.

* Have a conversation about the patient's beliefs– ask where he or she sees God in the current crisis.

* Ask about which images of God would be most helpful for the patient at this time. Is it the Good Shepherd? The Holy Spirit? Allah the Most Merciful? The answer might surprise you.

The reverends agree: "Bottom line- be respectful, don’t impose, don’t assume anything and then, go for it."

I'm not a nurse yet most often, in my professional career I get to ask this same question...when do I draw a line between my profession and my faith. And well, I found it here..."- be respectful, don’t impose, don’t assume anything and then, go for it."

Another thing which I love about Scrubs is their tips on beauty and lifestyle! Of course, no one should be too busy to take good care of themselves, right? One of the many helpful articles I found on the site is The Beauty Stimulus Package. It has amazing tips for busy people...and I find it handy myself...just so practical!

If you are looking for a highly informative magazine to help you with anything without boring you with too many clinical stuff...check Scrubs!



Melanie said...

I really like those tips you shared.. thanks for including in this post.

Mariposa said...

When I saw the article, my heart jumped with gladness, to pray for a patient is good...and to pray with them is even greater!