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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Extravagant Bags Everyone!

Mariposa has passion for just so many things...and one of them are BAGS!

So today, allow me to flood with some too much information on bags...and well, if you have nothing to do you find this post worthwhile to read.

Let me start with a random discussion of some known brands...the order of the items does not necessarily according to popularity and price as I insert some creation in between prices range because they are from the same line.

I am also sure I missed so many other wonderful creations out there...these are just brands which I am familiar of.

David Kroell Balls...

This Devi Kroell Crystal Mesh bag is for people who loves the dance floor. Gleaming, bright silver crystal mesh, this purse is trimmed with a sturdy silver frame and features a matching chain strap. It’s just the right size to stash one's evening essentials - just decide what stuff to carry or this would be too bulky to hang around your arm! Available at around $2430...

And for those who are still in more into disco look, I present to you
Devi Kroell Crystal Disco Ball.

Devi Kroell, who's known for his metallic style and skin snake hobos, gives this Crystal Disco Ball a glamorous advantage by covering the handbag with lustrous black crystals.

For just $ 4, 900 you can carry a disco ball with you! LOL

Personally I am not into too much glitters...yet if I am to choose, I find the mesh bag more appealing! For one I most of the time end up stocking my purse I need space! Just my opinion... ;)

But, if space is just the issue...well, there is also the Devi Kroell Alligator Hobo!

A triangular shaped soft tote bag and is a perfect apparel to any corporate attire. And what I love most is, it is roomy enough to put your laptop and is refined with extra storage pockets for all your extra gadgets and accessories. All for $ 28,990. Sweet!

Bottega Veneta Bambina Handbag...

Bambina stands out from the spring line of Bottega Veneta as a trendy fashion accessory. This soft crocodile version with a magnetic closure offers both style and sophistication. This item is available only at Bottega Veneta boutiques,.

At $ 7, 800...this define you status!

Though this pricey item is not as bold as designer designer brands in showing off their trademark and logo...I'd say this will be one I don't mind owning. This is good for everyday you can stock stuff inside without making it bulge! Yes I am into space...for if I don't have anything to bring...why bother carry a handbag?!

Gucci Boston Handbag

A trend setter for the fashion flaunters, Boston handbag features gold hardware and bamboo details. Also available in black crocodile and guccissima leather. This item range from $12,000 to $13,900 depending on the size.

I'd say this would be an awesome gift for my Mom! Oh no, not that I find this style 'classic' but because my Mom would love this more. I don't really care much for gold shade...while she is used to it. This is also spacious enough for her...though I have to admit most of the time she travels light than I do. But I have to say, I love the color of this one!

Now...I have also my fave from this line, the Gucci Joy Boston Bag. Not as pricey but I love the white/black flower embroidery.

I think it's the most eye catching Gucci creations I've laid eyes on! Glad they combined silver and gold to detail the black button or it would have been a turn off for me! As bizarre as it sounds somehow this mishmash of elements works for me.

This something I'd love to carry on the plane with me for some fly in-fly out trips. Pre-order of this item at Saks last year cost around $1,950. Don't ask how I know! LOL

Chloe Paddington Bag...

The bag du jour last autumn,this grey leather version,a Paddington satchel, popular since years back, features metal accouterments with a signature padlock closure.

All yours at $13,000.

Some luxury department store allows customers to order no more than three every 30 days.

I like the padlock closure...and this will be awesome for office! Let me call
Bergdorf Goodman now! LOL

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

Available in shimmering silver crocodile, this exclusive Ralph Lauren collection is named after his wife. Delicately crafted from rare American alligator and finished with Italian hardware, this stunning luxury falls to top 17 notch. The Ralph Lauren classic Ricky bag creation was inspired by a vintage bag, the Cooper Saddle Carrier.

For those who loves pink, like me (this is just a very recent discovery, a weird transformation since I used to dislike it), well from what I heard only 12 Pink Alligator Ralph Lauren Ricky bags were made...and as of mid of last year 6 were already sold! But I just got my pink hangover this year so I did not care! LOL

And if you want more shocking colors...well, go visit Japan...Orange Alligator Ralph Lauren Ricky is only sold in RL Japan!

Get ready with your $14,000!

Zac Posen Alexian Handbag

As in all of Posen bags this creation upholds elegance and sophistication and an ultimate homage to the ’70s.

Oozing with opulence at $15,000, this blue crocodile version is a must have for the rich ladies!

No, I don't have it! It has an edgy golden hardware accent, so I don't care for it.

LEIBER Dandelion Suede Gator Handbag

A bright springtime yellow color, this alligator bag comes with two external pockets and a strap as well as a clasp made of 18-carat gold.

Please note that only 4 have been made of this style for $15,000.

Hmm, this will be good but I guess I may not flaunt my $15,000 always should I own one as the color just seems not for all occasions. And the strap and clasp are in gold!

But...there is one from Leiber line that I hear so much. Behold...the Leiber Precious Rose Handbag!

Shaped like a flower, this hand bag is just a precious find. This bag incorporates a total glint of 1,016 shiny shimmering diamonds, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 pink tourmalines, set majestically in 18-carat white gold.

This $92,000 luxury clutch bag is only ONE in the WORLD.

Prada Frame Bag

A luxury, this crocodile bag follows a distinct structured design made its debut in Milan in 2006. Its more popular colors include the tan
color which is known as Krusca.

This item is still within $15,000 price range!

Yves Saint Laurent Muse

Its unique design provides ample space yet retains the refined character of Yves Saint Laurent bags.The preferred bag of known personalities like Jessica Simpson and Kate Moss.

What seems to be an oversized bag has been transformed into something classy to carry.

This creation cost around $18,000!

If there is one thing I love about this bag it's the size! I can carry this around without looking like I'm the one being carried by the what IT Guy always tell me when I would opt to get a big bag!

Hermès Birkin Bags

This Hermés bags are on special orders. Named after the famous fashion icon and British actress of the 60s, Jane Birkin.

I find the design of this one superb...especially the red one! This extravagant creation is around $20,000.

I love this so much that I did not see the gold accent! You got that?! LOL

The Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag is an elegant creation that graced the arms of most fashion icons, thus hailed as the
cream of the crop among status bags. This stylish handbag is carefully designed with a white gold clasp elaborated with 10 carats of stunning diamonds.

The Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin is a rare find since it has only ONE available worldwide. Only at $75,000!

Fendi B Bag

Its design is the revival of the structured handbag. This white crocodile design is expected to be the bestseller of Fendi since the Baguette.

Certainly the next “It” bag, this Fendi B bag is graced with two stylish and oversized buckles.

I am fan of Fendi...always has been! So I'd say $27,000 is just so worth it!

Here is another stunning creation from Fendi, the Fendi Selleria Bag!

This is a luxurious and sexy leather bag...this bag is made of sable or Chinchilla, two of the most rarest and most expensive animal skins.

Delicately structured to be soft, pliable and smooth in texture,
this bag is crafted using Roman technique.

This is a made to order item at around $38,000!

Another creation within this range of price is Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino.

Made of white crocodile skin and embellished with 39 diamonds, this bag is certainly in the list of the most extravagant bags!

Though I'd say, a bejeweled bag like this is not uncommon but the quality and design that the Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino created for this Gadino bag makes ladies appreciate it not from a distance, but in a closer look.

Still within the mark is LV (Louis Vuitton) Tribute Patchwork Bag at $42,000.

This creation combines 15 different Louis Vuitton samples. A lot of critics disparage this tote’s design and has gotten mixed reviews in public but it has made it to the extravagant list. Four are sold out in U.S. and 20 are available in LV boutiques through out Asia and Europe.

Maybe if you are a collector of LV this might appeal to you. But personally there is no way I'd buy this bag. No.Way. After all, I'm never a fan of LV.

What about you? Will you spend $42,000 for this bag?!

Now if that made you think...hold it, here is another LV creation priced at $150,000.

This Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag is just a different taste of fashion for me. Created with what designers call “urban charms,” the bag is crafted with all sorts of urban rubbish you can find from shrimp tails, band aid, cigarette packets, tea bags to gums and used water bottle.

Though labeled as “Fugly” and was declared one of the ugliest bags, this one-of-a-kind luxury still made it a hit to the rich and famous teenagers.

Ha! I rest my case...

Chanel Diamond Forever Classic

One of the world’s most priced bag. One can only get obsessed with its superior and lavish demeanor but this bag is definitely not that easy to bag!

This hand bag is overflowing with extravagance with its 334 diamonds, that’s a head spinning 3.56 carats in total, magnificently seated in an 18-carat white gold frame. It has long shoulder chain straps made of 18-carat gold.

There are only 13 Chanel Diamond Forever bags created at $261,000 each. I wish I can add I have one of them!

And the latest and the most extravagant of all bags ---

Extravagant Price: £1 million

A platinum creation with 2,000 glimmering diamonds. This bag is just versatile, with a diamond-beaded strap which can be used as a necklace or bracelt by simply detaching it from the bag. The bag is also embellished with an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can be used as a separate accessory.

This bag designer bag is a work of Ginza Tanak, a Japanese Designer.

Wow! Is all I can say...

I guess I have finally exhausted myself and hopefully I can sleep now if only to get hold of this in my dream!


Anonymous said...

Well my bride has a hugeeeeeee satchel fetish! I always said if they made a vibrating one I'd be kicked to the curb!

Unknown said...

For a moment I thought I had stumbled across an inventory of Paris Hilton's wardrobe. The handbag section! Such a fun!

Mariposa said...

Sage you always make me LOL! it is!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog because you can constantly get us new and cool stuff, I think that I ought to at least say a thank you for your hard work.

- Henry

Mariposa said...

Henry, I hope you visit again.