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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bed Stories

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Lately I'm really trying to take good care of my health and one major key is a good night sleep...or for my case a good sleep! It's quite a simple formula. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night and in between I try to occupy myself as best as I can, ha! And it requires a comfy pillow and the warm company of a cozy bed...less the IT Guy, he stays in his own bed. LOL

I've been complaining about this pain in my back and IT Guy keeps telling me that it could be my bed. I love my bed...and it never occurred to me to think that it's what's causing my pains. It's quite comfy for me, huge and I can toss and bounce on it, no problem!

Yet he was right! It could be my bed...

Body impressions is what it's called...just as we have this so called thing ergonomics in our office furniture we also do have that concept with bed. Amazingly we neglect it most and yet we spent our most time in bed!

Last weekend was a lazy weekend and I just stayed home watched movie with the IT Guy and he brought with him his camping air mattress. Quite big, handy and comfy! I've seen it in TV and in the mall but I never dared try it...and now it's left in my room...asked him to leave it. LOL Sunday afternoon while my nephew was playing at the garden, IT Guy and I decided to have a little picnic there using the air mattress. Now this is one item we have to include in our list every time we go camping. And last night, I end up sleeping on it (And boy it made me pass out too soon or was I just tired?!)...and not on my bed...not really sure if it's really that comfy or just the fact that it has my guy's essence!

What about you, what's your bed stories?!


IT Guy said...

I'm happy you liked the bed. Enjoy... ;-)

broca's area said...


Anonymous said...

I can sleep anywhere anytime! Laying down leaning or propped up!

Anonymous said...

I don't have bed stories, but I do know someone else who recently had to throw away their mattress because their neighbor's sloppy habits filled it with bed bugs.

What movie did you guys watch?