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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm Just Human

...and I'm entitled to be pissed!

I am fuming...and to say I'm pissed would be putting it mildly!

I am pounding my keyboard so hard typing every letter of this post...and yes, I want the world to know how upset, state of disbelief and denial on how many stupid people surround me...and you can include the IT Guy on the list...better yet, make him at the top!

Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!!

Anybody who can't stand foul language...please stay away from my site...because I am just not able to control myself right now.

What will it make a man who confirmed to you as early as mid of November that he is going on a freaking looooooooooong leave about a week before Christmas! Now, Dec. 25 - Jan. 1 is a long holiday work, yes, you got that. To have a week of extra leave for a week prior to that would be awesome or too much! But IT Guy said, he needed to avail of those because those are forced leave...meaning, he had exceeded his number of leaves...yup, yup, that's what happens when you intend to marry your fucking work! You get so much extra leave...and leave the people who cares for you dry!


Tonight, I opted not to eat dinner at home becase we (yes, the IT Guy!) were supposed to do some errands for our Christmas project and so we might as well dine out. Now, on the way to the mall, he told me...this --

The strategic plan scheduled for tom to Friday will not push through!

I said, great! You don't don't have to go out of town when will it be...

He said, it's moved...not sure!

Then, after several chats...he goes, Mr. X called me up, and he was asking me if Dec. 21 - 23 is fine for strategic meeting...I said I have no problem! And Mr. X commented...yeah, because your're department is done.


But, holy wow...his department is done...but WAIT! HE is freaking going that Dec. 21 - 23.

First off, what is that bullshit line on good for him you're done has to do with the schedule when he has to attend it, eh?!

Second, whatever my opinion is on the said schedule, why say, I have not problem, when he had filed his leave for those days!!!

Lastly, what is going on?! In my entire career I have never seen such urgency and importance for an organization, moreso, government, to do a STRAT PLAN on a Sunday before Christmas...and end it 24 hours before the Christmas eve!

What irritates me more is, IT Guy seems in a shock that I frown at the idea? Then he has a very big problem!

Mariposa: Well, if you don't mind working on Christmas...then marry your freaking work!

Mariposa left the building...took a cab...head to work!

I'm at my desk...hungry...realizing I have only so much in my wallet...because I forgot that my ATM card is with him because I asked him to withdraw for me earlier...and I also forgot to ask for the cash...

Lesson learned...stay away from people who'd rather fuck their desk at work...

Drive your own car...or bring a driver...or whatever and don't rely on just his car!

And lastly, always check the content of your wallet, because cabs don't take credit cards! CRAP!

And yes, IT Guy comes here...but don't worry, he only comes here if I force him to because I did a post for him...he thinks it's a waste of time...even my emails, gets to be read last!

I will never delete this post...and will publish this for sure...and may this day be a reminder that for ALL of you who thinks I'm blessed, I'm NOT!

This is not the first time this happens...


IT Guy and I just had dinner and coffee...he came to the office. He was waiting for me outside...and he stood there, looking at me, and then he said -- "I'm sorry." He does not do that often! And of course, I went on ranting...and he said "I'm sorry.". Then, he said, he is not going to the STRAT Plan because his team is done with it...

Though I'm not deleting the post above (because I mean them when I wrote them!) I'd say here...that we're fine...and we're cool! I've been without B Complex for 3 days now...I ran he was kidding me about it! LOL

Yes, it's not the first time this happened...but they say, the beauty of conflict lies on the reconciliation...that is one thing the IT Guy and I have in common, compassion towards each one plays hard ball against the other party. If one is sorry, he/ she is forgiven. After all, whatever course we take and go through, at the end of the day, we know where we stand in each other's lives. I never had that kind of thing with my past lovers!


Anonymous said...

Lesson learned...stay away from people who'd rather fuck their desk at work...

LMAO! Man, that's rich. Anyway, I wasn't really able to follow the post closely, but what I gathered was that IT Guy had the chance to take off from work and attend to a special Christmas project with you, but instead chose to work because his boss asked him to come in for something that was completely unimportant.

I didn't understand why he would have your ATM card, though. The best I came up with is that he has more time in general to go to the ATM than you do, or perhaps he is frequently closer to it then you are. If it's the time thing, then this situation seems to contradict it for the moment.

But I wouldn't say that you're not blessed. I mean, yes, I know, I don't really know your life personally, but I think this is just a fraction of life for now. It has its ups and downs. Later on, things will turn around and you'll look back at this and lau.....,well, you'll probably still be a bit disappointed in remembrance, but I'm sure you'll find a tad bit of humor in it.

Anonymous said...

See! Things are starting to get better already.

Mariposa said...


And well, how come my ATM card is with got them all right, he has more time! And I asked most of his time...yet, I get so pissed with him being away for 3 days, when it's near Christmas.

Your comment added to the good feeling I have...surely, it's just one of those days! I need to get B Complex now...LOL

Thanks for the comments...really, really appreciate them! You alway make me see the light!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the meme you tagged me on says to tell you that I put up the put up the meme =)

Karl said...

Good Morning Mariposa,

It seams as things have worked out for the best.

I would sugest that you keep some cash stashed for emergencys in case you find yourself with out your ATM card. A folded 50 or 100 kept separate from your other cash.

3carnations said...

I'm glad it all worked out. I've never "seen" you angry before.

...and you are blessed. :)

broca's area said...

hehe....thats good!!:)

in ur position ur right and to be frank dont blame him either...!!

and admire u guy's respect for each other!

Mariposa said...

Karl, thanks! I am trying to do...was just exaggerating! Apparently, anything less than a thousand (our denomination) is no money for me! LOL

3Carnations, thanks for the visit! Yes, I'm many ways...just sometimes, some situations blind me!

Brocasarea, thanks!

Anonymous said...

U haveta watch people who would rather fuck their desk.
Just sayin
You need a beach vacation!