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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Special

Yes, you read it right, it's Sunday Special...and moving forward, every Sunday here will be just that, special...because I will attempt to do Sunday Sunrise - Sunset and Sacred Life Sunday here...

You can join HERE.

Here is my take for Sunday's Sunrise - Sunset.

This is sunset over rice fields in my grandparents place... The main produce in their farm is rice...and I am posting this to reflect on the world's ongoing rice shortage...and my ongoing outreach program which is mainly on feeding activities and promoting learning to children in certain communities.

This week has been really good, praise God! I have received enormous blessings...through friends...and families...especially as with my little ongoing projects with the children.

I'd like to start with thanking all the people who has shown support and encouragement in my outreach program. Your kind words inspires me more...

I'd like to thank Vixen Kitten for offering to send 35 children's books for the children in my outreach. I shared this news with the children this morning and they are so excited about it! Vix, the children are sending their warm hugs to you! God will bless you for your kind deeds.

I'd like to share with you how my visit to the children went this morning...

I'll start with the children greeted with me warm smiles...

After their activities (I will try to upload the video next time)'s feeding time!

The other week, we had aroz caldo (rice porridge with chicken). This morning we had chocolate flavored rice porridge (sometimes called chocolate rice pudding) or champorado in our local dialect.

Me...helping out! ;)

I will never look at rice the same way again... Every walk I will have when I visit my grandparent's place will not just to see the green and golden fields of rice...but every step will now mean hope to have more to share with these children...

See how far a rice of bowl can go?

There was a time when I stare at my rice and I try to count the carbs and pounds I might gain if I eat too much of it...I am so blessed to have met these children, now I know better.

P.S. I'd like to thank IT Guy for taking the photos.

If you want to know more and read more about Sacred Life Sunday, please click the logo above.

I wish everyone a happy Sunday Special!


♥ Mariposa


Hootin Anni said...

Your sunrise over the rice paddy is just awesome!!! I have shared mine today also, but I think yours looks much much more peaceful.

And the photos of the children make me saddened, but the story about the books received gives a chance of hope!!!

Wonderful post Mariposa!!! Wonderful.

vixen kitten said...


I loved seeing the beautiful faces of "your" children! How blessed each one is to have you in their life.

My parayers are with you, and each of them. May God continue to open doors for you, and may the needs for your outreach program always be met.

I stand in awe of your beautiful and loving heart.


storyteller said...

I love the idea of calling these combined Sunday memes Sunday Special and today’s sunrise is glorious! I apologize for not visiting much recently … life’s been incredibly busy again, but I’m doing my best to catch up. Your Outreach Program seems wonderful! I’ll return to read more about it when time permits ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Melanie said...

I loved the pictures you shared of all the beautiful children. What a dear loving heart you have helping these children!

Baba said...

You are an angel with all of your hard work and love that you give to all of these amazing sunset over the rice field!! God bless you and the others who take care of God's little ones..