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Monday, November 10, 2008

Find Bond!

What's up with the title?

Well, that's that! And if you are patient will know! LOL

Let me start this post with a random update on how my weekend went, though I blog about what I did for the majority of it in my Sunday Special post.

Saturday night I went out to meet our friend who has been for over a year now acts as our financial adviser.

With all the crashing down of stocks, people are panicking and well, umm...some if not most are withdrawing their investments. But for me and IT Guy, this is the best time to put our money to investments...well, money that we can afford not to have for the next 10-20 years. Long term investment it is!

So behold...Mariposa signing some checks and pertinent papers!

The meeting went well...we had fun chats...and it's nice to know that we're doing business with one of the world's financial institution.

After our meeting, off we go to the movies to see the love of my life the famous James Bond.

After we missed Casino Royale in the big screen, we made sure we don't get to commit the same mistake with Quantum of Solace!

Oh boy...such a great time we had!

I was proven myself wrong when I said I will not watch a Bond movie anymore after Pierce Brosnan....I am loving Daniel!

Quantum of Solace, a continuation follow up (not always the case for a Bond movie!) of 2006 Casino Royale, also Craig's first time to play as Bond opens with a bang! I'd like to believe so.

So many new things with Craig as Bond...and all made the movie great for me!

First thing, the movie is more into action and chasing...more brutal and messy killings and all...not that I advocated violence...but it's just more realistic to me...and it fits Craig as Bond so well!

Then, the movie had let go of the too much technological awe that other Bond movies used to have. Of course there are still good gadgets like high tech phones...but this time, it's something we all can relate to! We still see Bond drive that expensive Aston Martin doing his chase...only here in this movie we get to see several cars...not the usual BMW that Pierce used to have.

Another notable thing is M's more interaction with Bond in the movie, which I love so maternal and flirtatious at times. I really love seeing M...a very strong-willed woman commanding Bond and how she trusts him despite all! (Ha! Okay, Red, you can go ahead and laugh...)

One striking line from M in the movie is when she said to Bond this line - I think you're so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don't care who you hurt. When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go.

I have to repeat it to myself - When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go...ah, that is something for me to blog another day!

And of course...a Bond movie is not complete without the Bond girls, right? It's funny because in the early part of the movie, IT Guy was like...where are the girls? That is Bond's signature...and I was like...shut and up...007 is his signature...not girls! Yes, the jealous I am! LOL

Then, boom...we saw the girls. I love how they did the modern...and I love the song!

So going back to Bond girls...below is a snapshot of one if the most sexy scene of the movie...

“Do you know how angry I am at myself,” says the naked, raven-haired new Bond girl as Bond kisses his way up her spine replying, "You must be furious..." or something like that!

All in all, I'd say it's a good movie...and worth your time! Please go watch it and let me know what you think...

All I'm sure of, is if Craig's a work in progress as a Bond, with this movie, he is certainly finished...and polished at that!

You can get the DVD of the movie now!

I hope to watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa this week and hopefully I can make another quick review on that next Monday!

Here is the movie's theme song by the way, Another Way to Die!

Oh yes, I did find Bond! And Happy Music Monday everyone!


broca's area said...

hmm....seems like u loved the movie very much..
i didnt like it much:)...

may be had too much expectations from the movie...

Grey said...

I have all the 22 Bond Movies (+2more SONY produced ones ) but never i have been so convinced about Bond since Sean Connery as i found Craig . I liked him from the word go .. i think he is the best Bond so far second to Connery ofcourse ! I liked Timoty Dalton too , too bad he did just two movies .

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try out as a bond girl ,you would be purrrrfect.
And I actually think Daniel Craig will end up being the best Bond of all times closely followed by Sean Connery