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Monday, October 06, 2008

TMI on a Monday...

...though of another kind!!!

Oh...this is not the kind of TMI you think it's something else...though it's still too much information yet...this make you made I hope it will make your day!

I stole got this from Ceedy and can't help but do an echo post! I did not make much alterations as the original post as it is -- is way funny too funny to modify!


Yes, imagine yourself on a trip...daydreaming and get awaken by that question?! You check your senses to make sure you heard it right...then, yes, the conductor just did ask -- "Intercourse anyone?"

The conductor was not asking if someone wanted an "intercourse" but if someone wanted to get down in a town called Intercourse. It is a town in Pennsylvania...

Yup...yup, this is what this post is all about...interesting names of places around the world.

Ceedy did a great job in his research and most especially in putting them together to make interesting observations...he did put the country in brackets so as not to spoil the fun! ;)

Few close friends went on a road trip. Here is a breakdown of some interesting events.

Wetwang (United Kingdom), Bigadic (Turkey) and Twatt (United Kingdom) decided to Ballplay (Tennessee US) Bare (United Kingdom) to prevent Assloss (Scotland) in Long Dong Village (China) After some initial Petting (Germany), Titisee (Germany) and Beaverlick (Kentucky), the Hooker (California) said I Needmore (Texas US) in the Anus (France)

Meanwhile Bloody Dick (Montana US) with Bobbin Head (Australia) went to Butztown - (Pennsylvania US) instead of Mount Gay (West Virginia US). There was some Cockintake (United Kingdom) and then some Cockburn (Australia) as they Mount Mee (Australia). After they were Dunmovin (California) and had Climax Springs (Missouri US) there was lots of Seman (Alabama US) floating.

As it so happened that while Fucking (Austria) the Titless (Switzeland) Fingringhoe - (Essex, United Kingdom) with a Thong (England), Bangor (Wales) decided to use a Dildo(Canada) on the Beaver (Oklahoma US.) There was plenty of Sexmoan (Phillipines) while Muff (Ireland) diving Onacock (Viginia US) and wanted to Euren (Wisonsin, US) badly and said Fugit (Kentucky US) and went into the woods of Glasscock County (Texas US.)

Edited: Not to spoil the fun but Sexmoan...really refers to Sasmuan, a town in Pampanga which expats usually mispronounce as "sesmuan".

The residents of the nearby
Little Dix Village (West Indies) caught him and he ran with his Weener (Germany) in one hand and showing the middle finger with the other saying Gofoku (Japan)

All in all the trip to Moorheadsville (Illinois US) to see some Titz (Germany) and the Nipple (Wyoming US) was not a Disappointment (Kentucky).

While searching for the above names came across these two mother of all names. Imagine writing this on an envelope or a postcard.

New Zealand (This is really a place - did a search on Google Maps!!!!)

...and this small tiny rail station in Wales!


Imagine a kid asking his dad - Dad where are we?. Before he can figure out the above town - the train will surely have started to depart!!!

And best for the last - will you ever wear such a T-shirt. Its a town in Connecticut, US.

Too much information...right? Hope it gives you a genuine Monday smile...

And Monday is never complete without any music! So here goes...Janet Jaskson's Escapade!

You may want to visit our music queen Music Monday host for more music and fun!

Wish everyone a happy Monday and a great week ahead!


Anonymous said...


very funny!

Anonymous said...

Loved this!

sbwrites said...

Very funny!

- said...

This is too funny. ;) Ufortunately I wont be in Intercourse anytime too soon ; )

hehehe ; )

Jennybean said...

HAHAHA I love shit like that! I've always wanted to take a trip a couple states over to Hell, Michigan so I could take a picture when Hell is forze over...

Richard said...

A very enjoyable monday post.

Anonymous said...

yes really brought a smile...i love mianus... classic !

storyteller said...

What a fun post! My sister talked about visiting Intercourse when she and her husband were in Pennsylvania. Most of these other places are totally new to me, but are certainly memorable ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

rigg said...

Nice blog, this post gave me a big laugh!

I had to check if you included Fucking , Austria in that list, and you did!

soccer mom in denial said...

I just love Janet's older stuff. I hope she is o.k. She's been canceling concerts due to a "mystery ailment".

Thanks for playing along.

Bleeding Heart said...

I love these signs. Twat! now that is a word I haven't heard in a long time.

Momisodes said...

ROFL! The intercourse sign had me giggling. The rest of the post had me cracking up :)

I LOVE that JJ song. Brings back so many memories.

Grey said... should have put up the picture of ' fucking Austria ' it says welcome to fucking . Thats hilarious .