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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


my whole being twist
thinking of you, i vomit
die away from me

you promise me X
now you tell me you can't X
and i'm left so pissed

you were my sunshine
but now you are more like
harmful UV rays

regret gains its strength
from delusion of hindsight--
it is a mirage


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, you know it will never do you any good to be upset.

Let's go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Lmao, I was scrolling down the page and seen the words "I vomit", and was like "Huh?". Complete contrast to your usual posts.

Hmmmm, I will try the same. Instead of talking about how insipid and worthless people are, I will post something positive for once.

Anonymous said...

Keith - LOL@ let's got shopping!

The C. Samurai - Ha, check my super old post...I started this blog with rants and ramblings...LOL

I was so pissed at that day...I opted to post a haiku or I might post more hateful words...But I am fine now. ;)

storyteller said...

Sorry I missed your HF post … glad I caught it today. Hope things are better now. Love the ‘stormy’ illustration matching your ‘ku. I did Haiku on both blogs as usual, but didn't have much time to visit until now.
Hugs and blessings,