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Friday, August 08, 2008

I Feel Like I'm Dying...

Thank you for all who visits...and for your kind words.

I apologize if I'm not able to visit all of you yet...I've been sick since Wednesday evening!

I'm going to the doctor now...and honestly, I just want to stay in the hospital...though I used to refuse that.

My tonsils are inflamed...and I can't almost swallow my saliva....yup, that bad! Not to mention my entire body is in pain...and my neck...nape are all stiff!

I just feel...I'm going to die! Duh!

Also, I have been experiencing pain in my hips...and it goes to my whole buttocks down to the legs....though tolerable most of the gets annoying...and lately, very irritating! It's just too damn painful...and the massage though made me feel better did not help me with at all!

So, any suggestion? Because I'm so into consulting an Orthopedics already...and as I was researching...things get a bit scary...hello, I don't want a surgery or some kind of replacement! I'm planning of seeing a chiropractor first...though Mom and IT Guy are not so sold on the idea...

Wish me luck anyone...I'm so hoping to kick this illness in the butt soon!

Love you all...HUGS!


storyteller said...

I love all the watches in your WW post … and I hope you’re feeling better now that you’ve seen the doctor and hopefully gotten a diagnosis and some treatment.
Hugs and blessings,

Nancie said...

My heart goes out to you, sweet friend! I am praying for you that our Lord will cover you with His love and bring healing to you speedily! Hugs and prayers.

Saiyo said...

Saying I want to help you would be an understatement.....I offer this suggestion..Step outside of your norm, take some time away, truly away, and do something YOU enjoy, completely. Think, read, blog, sleep, release....perhaps your body is telling your mind what it already knows, "I need a vacation from me, give it to me." Please get well soon! We do care for you and miss you!

sbwrites said...

Maybe you have some sort of illness that's running throughout your body, and antibiotics can help. It would seem that your inflamed tonsils and your sore legs might be connected. It would also seem like the illness is inside--rather than a muscular thing--which is what I think chiropractors are good at.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! Also, do you think your sore legs have anything to do with the mountain climbing exercise you were doing?


Gabriel said...

Mariposa, take care of yourself and get well. We'll be all thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pain, hope its nothing but just the 'fever' symptoms...

I cant remember the last person who used the word buttocks.

Mariposa said...

Hi all!

Thanks for the well wishes...

My EENT told me I have acute pharyngitis...and she gave antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.

I also did go to an Orthopedics, and I had thoraco-lumbar spine x-rays, both for AP and as, they took full shots of my spine to see if the problem starts there...and I'm going to see the doctor again tomorrow!

Right now...I'm a bit better...but since I took my meds, I've been sweating...and it's cold. But I'm better.

I will update everyone on my diagnosis tomorrow!

May all of you have a nice weekend!

Whimsical Ranter said...

I hope things are improving for you.

Big hugs

Nancie said...

Hi Mari,

So glad you are better. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Thanks too for your Friendship and encouragements. I have two awards to share with you (Share the Love and Friendship Award). Do come over when you have time. Take care and God bless.

With appreciation and prayers,

broca's area said...

hmm....tonsilittis>??? causes grt pain..have experienced it!!!!!...
yeah consult a orthop...u may have a slipped disc:))[just a guess]

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon my friend~!

sbwrites said...

Dear Mariposa,
Just wanted to stop by again to see how you're doing. I hope that by now the antibiotics have kicked in and you're feeling much better!

With love,

Whatever said...

Sounds horrible!!
I recovered from a bad flue a week ago, thank God!
~ Get well soon hun =xXx

Momisodes said...

oh no! I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Colored Heart said...

Brokenness... that's the best time we can hear from God. Listen, He speaks. He has a word especially for you today.

God loves you.:)
"Come, you who are heavily laiden, and I will give you rest."