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Sunday, June 08, 2008

He Got Me...

As some of your knows, I usually jog/ walk every Sunday morning with the IT Guy. THAT's true most especially last year...then early this year, I've been ranting about not being able to follow that regimen strictly...and me blaming it all to my need to get a new pair of sport shoes.

Today, I got up so around 5AM, called the IT Guy if he wants to jog...he always it was an obvious YES! Then, I got ready and then...realized my shoes could not be salvaged IT Guy got to my place with a greeting...hey, I can't jog because I have no shoes!!!

Now, I've been ranting about it...and I've bought several pair of high heels and other sandals...and I did not bother to check for sport my fault! BUT I want to run...jog...walk...gosh, I feel so fat! There finally I've said it!

So IT upset because I woke him up for nothing....!!!

So we just went to McDonald's, had breakfast...then buy groceries...then off we go to buy shoes!

Yup...yup...yup, he got me one! LOL

So here is my new!!!'s so light!!! And I just love the color!!!

So that's all for for my Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Rambling :: blogs!
  2. Magnetic :: ...field!
  3. Again! :: ...every time IT Guy forgets his car keys!!!
  4. Acoustic :: ...guitar!
  5. Mahogany :: Furniture!
  6. Promises :: ...hopefully to be fulfilled and not to be broken.
  7. Ill fitting :: ...unbecoming!
  8. Sublime :: ...with greatness!
  9. Poop :: scoop on poop?!
  10. Disoriented :: Mariposa when she is cranky!
My Sunday is about to end...but I know for's still to Happy Sunday everyone!


Hootin Anni said...

Laughing at your too, me too!! [but I blame it on blond roots in my case]

Happy Mutterings.

Whatever said...

Love the shoes =D
I have sports shoes I kept them at the gym that I haven't gone to in several months.. was about to offer giving them to you if we're the same size,, didn't use it much lol!!

Anonymous said...

You did not have jogging shoes, so instead of jogging, you ate McDonald's food? Lol.

I guess I don't have an excuse for my laziness. I'm supposed to practice playing the guitar every morning. I'll start doing it a couple of days, and then stop. The guitar will sit on my floor for months at a time, and I'll start again at some point, only to stop again.

Sandy M said...

Lovin the shoes! Good Mutterings! Have a great Sunday!

broca's area said...

hmm...lucky dog:) was a poor substitute for not jogging!

LittlePea said...

Nice shoes. I'm looking for a new pair myself

Jen said...

Terrific shoes! Now go do some jogging! ;-)

Unknown said...

Great mutterings!

You can find my mutterings ::here::

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Puma ? Not my candy ! i like adids... But nice color ...i admitt.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than a new pair of running shoes!! Got me a new pair recently and wondered why I was so attached to my old pair. :)

Never tried Puma. Would like to know how those work for ya!

Nancie said...

Hi Mari,

Just stopping by to say hello. Thanks for your prayers and encouragements. Hope you have a blessed week ahead!

Anonymous said...

taggadities hon !

the princess said...

woo hoo! you are so awesome girl. so much fun. love the new sneakers. i needs me some new ones too.

by the way, for more info on cancer relays, i am sending you this link...

Unknown said...

Great mutterings. Nice to meet you.

faeryrowan said...

Nice shoes! I adore sports shoes of any kind or brand, as long as they're comfy. But my heels still outnumber them. lol You've got no more excuse not to make those jogs and walks a regular thing now. Go jud para ma-sexy og samot! ;)