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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Siesta!

To all mothers in the world...


I already did my share...

It's Sunday afternoon here and I'm bored...yet too tired to go out. So we just decided to let the masseurs to come to the house so we don't have to go out to get a massage...I'm supposed to go swimming but I'm canceling that one...well, moving it to tomorrow actually!

As usual I'm into my TribalWars...and I have acquired 2 villages for the past 36 hours. Sweet! :P

Other than that...nothing...well, I'm checking my GMAIL and see if somebody sent me some mail! LOL

And so I snatched this Meme from Grey...feel free to do this when bored!

1- Your favorite cheese?

Sakura cheese (桜 which means "cherry"), a soft cheese from Hokkaido, Japan. This cheese is a creamy white, and is flavored with mountain cherry leaves. If I remember it right, this cheese got an award in a "Mountain Cheese Olympics"?! ;)

2- Your favorite milk?

Fresh milk! I can only take cold milk...for whatever reason, hot milk makes my tummy ache!

3-Your favorite chips?

Fish n' Chips to be specific...I love the fish and the deep-fried chipped potatoes!

4- Your favourite Salad?

I'm not really into salad...but I do have my own recipes which I love...

* any local veggies (can be leaves of sweet potatoes or eggplants) steamed and dipped in vinegar with some spices...I really do not know how to explain this one.

* lettuce, tomatoes, ham, cheese with mayo and ketchup!

I don't really care for the rest! LOL

5-Your favorite restaurant?

I don't have a place that I CALL my favorite! I chose the place depending on the occasion and who I am with...most of the time though, I prefer to go to a place which serves Japanese food!

6-Your favorite burger?

I only eat burger when I'm at McDonald's, and I usually get cheeseburger or the quarter pounder with cheese!

7-Your favorite mall?

I have to choose a local mall right? LOL

It should be Ayala Mall...any of their chains!

8-Your favorite channel?

I rarely watch I have no preference!

9-Your favorite chocolate?

Black chocolate!

10- Your favorite fruit?


11-Your favorite water?

Water for water...LOL

12-Your favorite color?

Red among others!

13- Your favorite singer?

ALOT...too many to mention.

14-Your favorite biscuit?

Rolled biscuits!

15-Your favorite Bank?

Whichever gives me the best service...for international banks, I have CitiBank and HSBC...for the local banks, I have China Bank and Union Bank.

16- Your favorite hair color?

The shade of my hair now...I can't describe it has a shade of medium brown and auburn!

17-Your favorite nuts?


18-Your favorite program?

None in particular...

19-Your favorite perfume?

Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea!

20-Your favorite ballad?

You're My Everything?!

And now for the weekly Unconscous goes!

1. Track :: ...record!

2. Snake :: My ring!

3. Assignment :: a project?!

4. Blockbuster :: Film

5. Bombastic :: Expolsive

6. Adventure :: Always fun!

7. First time :: Rookie?!

8. Aged :: Wisdom!

9. Grip :: get a grip?!!

10. Shortcut:: Hot Keys!


Anonymous said...

Those are wondering mutterings. And I like cheese too. I eat anything that has cheese. Pizzas, twisties, cheezels, anything! lol. My mother keeps saying I'm going to get fat. But well, I'm going to enjoy until I get fat then. Lol.

Jo Beaufoix said...

That was cool, I love your unconscious mutterings. And please sign me up for your Fun Monday. :D

Anonymous said...

Your mail is there...

faeryrowan said...

I'm drooling over your fish and chips! Love potatoes like crazy. Musta na, dear? Add me up your blog links beh. =)

storyteller said...

Fun meme but way too many questions for me to consider at one time! I enjoyed your mutterings (especially your ring) ... mine are posted at Small Reflections with my 4th Camera Critters photos.

Are YOU in charge of Fun Monday this week? Guess I'll do some looking around before I leave ... because I've been doing Fun Monday for the past month or so too.

Massage at home sounds delightful!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Your UMs were great. We matched on one.
My daughter was telling me about Tribal Wars (some of her friends play) and I said that you do them and that you post about it. I will tell her about your new aquisitions.

Is Black chocolate the same as dark?

Hope you can stop by mine and break your boredom. LOL

Anonymous said...

that's a nice ring :)

Anonymous said...

Nice mutterings. Thanks for stopping by. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Why am I starving to death?

Enjoyed the pass the cheese and chocolate, please. ANd, the fish and chips. When I think I chips, I think of Fritos or Doritoes...but I love the chips that go with fish the best.

I'm in for Fun Monday, but I will warn you now, I'll be on the road and my post may have nothing to do with your Swampese: I may not follow the rules...for once.

Kittie Kate said...

That's a long meme.

The only milk I can drink is the milk that doesn't have that bovine growth hormone in it. that stuff makes me sick.

the planet of janet said...

suddenly, i'm very very hungry.

Momisodes said...

Mmmmm....Fish and chips :) I can only do cold milk too. I loved reading these about you!