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Friday, May 09, 2008

Poetry For My Crappiness!

you made me angry
below are the things you do
which makes me angry

anger covers pain
so i'd rather get angry
than get myself hurt

so, was i angry?
not really! it was my LOVE
too much LOVE for us

* * *

I'm angry because you are sweet.
I'm angry because you worry when I don't look well...when I am not well.
I'm angry because you ask what's wrong, listens, and gives good advice.
I'm angry because you care about your reputation and mine.
I'm angry because you have the deepest eyes...the softest caress.
I'm angry because you and only you can give me that warm, soft, firm kiss.
I'm angry because you have the most beautiful smile.
I'm angry because you are so intelligent, witty, kind, and such a badass.
I'm angry because I can talk to you for hours and you will listen whether regardless if you care or not.
I'm angry because every time I try to run/ go away, you are always there when I come back. I'm angry because every time I do that you seek me out yourself.
I'm angry because you seem to know me too well.
I'm angry because you can talk me into anything, through anything.
I'm angry because you try without trying too hard.
I'm angry because you tend to hold people to high but decent standards.

I'm angry because it's seems the only emotion that hurts the least.

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Anonymous said...

at times self defense seems the only option - maybe not the best, but certainly the safest. nice haiku

Grey said...

Breath ! Breaaaaaaaaaath ! Take a shower ! you wont be angry then !

Jules said...

Wishing you thoughts of peace. Hopefully by writing about it, you lose it. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Such honesty.

Hanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hanna said...

I like this poem. It is very remarkable. "I'm angry because you are sweet." Refuse to love and rather hate, cause love makes us weak. =)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes anger is easier! Hope you have a peaceful and much less angry weekend!

storyteller said...

allowing a range
of emotions may frighten
... yet is worth the risk

sharing intensive
feelings with awareness may
bridge the distances

Hugs and blessings,

the planet of janet said...

wow. this is amazingly powerful.

i wish you a better day.

Jen said...

Try to let yourself just love, even if it makes you vulnerable. It's so easy to push away. Huge hugs. Wonderful poem and great tribute of love.

the princess said...

i love the way you said that. beautifully honest.

Cazzie!!! said...

When you are angry, turn it into love, think of the sweetest most happy moment in your life, close your eyes and visualise that. Wlak outside, breathe the fresh air...fill your lungs, know that you matter :)

the princess said...

btw, i posted pics of the boys' room

Melissa said...

Interesting sentiment. They're right, sometimes being angry is easier.