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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To All Women

"There is a special place in hell for women
who don't help other women."

- Madeleine K. Albright, Secretary of State & Ambassador to the U.N.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


thailandchani said...

Interesting! I believe we all have an obligation to help each other - men and women alike. :)

j said...

Hey. I like what the cup said. We do need to help each other. Wild Applause! I had to post early b/c I wan't be around much tomorrow. Glad to find it up! Jennifer

j said...

I totally changed my mind and changed the pic! You are the only one who saw what I had started with!!!! HA! I am female, it's my perrogative to change my mind :^D

Thanks for stopping by - Jen

Eds said...

This is very interesting! I suddenly remembered some of my female friends, lol! :)

Anonymous said...

we are women - hear us roarrrrrrrrr!

happy ww :)


I think all those bad
women live in my town.
It's a sad thing!

etteY said...

Starbucks?! Happy Women's Month :)

RW said...

I could use some coffee! Good WW to you!

Gabriel said...

I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with having ONE "International Women's Day". With this, we might be implying that women are a minority or something like that. We should celebrate and respect women every day...

Happy WW!

My post: "Zzzzzz"

eastcoastlife said...

In some parts of the world, there are many women who are not as fortunate as us and they need help. I hope many women's associations would concentrate on helping them than having pointless banter and fighting for power.

Anonymous said...

Just like Gabriel said! But Happy Women's Day to you in advance!

jams o donnell said...

. A very powerful message.It is a sentiment that applies to everyone, everywhere. Happy WW

Anonymous said...

That is some strong text.Helping is good but not in clanish way.
Opinion only.
Happy WW!

Jientje said...

This is very powerful, I love it!

lareine said...

the message is loud and clear... but i think it's not only a matter of helping other women but also believing in ourselves :)

Monkey! said...

Great quote!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we can totally get behind that statement, but we agree that all people should help each other.

Dave said...

I'm with Thailandchani, we all have an obligation to help each other. All races, creeds, color, nationality.. everyone.

HartofDixie said...

I guess I am safe because I love love to help lol.
Great one!

Jen said...

I agree that we all need to help each other, men and women. ;-)

Anonymous said...

well, that's one place i'd rather not be. :) happy ww! :)

Anonymous said...

yaicks! i'll help! lol! ;)

thanks for checking out my entry for this week. see yah again next time! :)

Mariposa said...

Yes, that is true, we have to help each other regardless of gener.

Thanks, I like it too so I took a photo of it! And I love both photos!

Me too, and it makes me think of the women who are less fortunate than us!,
Yes, we are women, hear us roar!!!

Sorry to hear that, I hope they get to have this cup and read what it says! ;)

Yes, it's from Starbucks!

Coffee I think has now become my blood type! LOL

I agree, we should honor women everyday, just as we should respect each other all the time...and there are alot of celebrations for women actually, we have Mother's Day for instance! ;)

I heard you there! You said it well!

Thanks and Happy Women's Day to all women!

jams o donnell,
Thanks, and Happy WW to all who joined!

Point taken, there are always a better way of saying things...sometimes, artistic approach come to play when people lobby for a cause...


They say we cannot give what we do not possess, so to be of help, you're right we have to help ourselves first, and it starts by believing in ourselves!


Gandalf & Grayson,
Exactly! ;)

I'm glad to hear only one thing here...and that is we all agree that we need to help each other regardless of demographics!

Ha! Glad to hear that!

Yes, we really need to... ;)

I don't want to think what that place is...all I know is, I'm thankful to be in a position to help than the one needing it! ;)

Hahaha! Yes, please do...

Happy WW everyone!!!

Robyn Jones said...

Whoa...a cup of coffee with an attitude! I like it!

Rebecca said...

What a horrible saying. One more reason not to drink their stale and overpriced wannabe coffee.

Happy WW though! :-)

Mariposa said...


I don't think it's really "horrible" plus the fact that it was said in the context of women advocacy. I'm a follower of coffee and not necessarily attached to a specific coffeehouse. I usually brew my coffee at home... ;) To add to that, coffee has become more of a lifestyle now than a beverage...that explains the overprice I guess. Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Great shot and sentiment. Happy WW.

Thanks for your thoughts, they are truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this picture! Happy WW! :)

Mine is here:

Anonymous said...

Shhh! my wife will hear you, just got robbed for Valentines day now Womens days is too soon to buy anything... shhhhhh!

Raven said...

wonderful photo.... wonderful quote...

jess said...

i LOVE this picture. i've never seen that on a starbucks cup. i always get the lame quotes.

Jason said...


there is usuALLy a parade here...