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Sunday, March 02, 2008

About Fun Monday

I would like to THANK all Fun Monday participants for being so cool and cooperative! I promise to visit ALL of YOU no matter how late!

Fun Monday next week will be hosted by Janet. Please visit Janet's Planet for next week's theme. I'm sure you are all excited! I am!

For those who are new to Fun Monday or would like to know more about this fun activity, please visit ~ History of Fun Monday.


I also made a home for Fun Monday where we can post anything about Fun Monday...and inform everyone who is the next host and what is the next topic and of course it will just be linked to that HOST. Those are subscribed to Mr. Linky gets to also see Fun Monday in the list of Memes and will automatically linked to that site.

Please email me if you want to be in the Fun Monday Blogroll, it is still empty as of the moment.


3carnations said...

How can this post be dated March 2? That's Sunday...Maybe I shouldn't be at work right now, ha!

Hootin Anni said...

It was a super theme you challenged us with! I had a lot of fun visiting them....the ones that left links with your Mr. Linky. That too, was a great idea.

Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you did to broaden Fun Monday (and for the link to the history). Initiative is a GOOD thing!


Anonymous said...


As much as I want to join this meme, I don't have funny post to tell every Monday.

All my days I consume working as a caregiver in a local family here in Canada and there are no funny things to tell :(

I hope I can have one day.

And yes I'm a Filipina :)