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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sun is Up Again...

But, looks like I'm still in my gloomy days.

Last night was terrible, for whatever reason I can't sleep. My body is tired but looks like a part of me is not cooperating...I was too anxious over something which I have no idea what...I have to take a deep breath once in awhile to relax myself...I was in bed as early as 10pm, and was waiting to fell asleep up until 2:13AM. After that, I was in oblivion...I woke up today at 10:45AM...feeling so empty. So I am consciously trying to entertain myself...and I will start with;

The things that I'm grateful for are...

(1) It's a sunny Monday morning! After raining for several days, finally, the sun is here again.
(2) The macaroni salad that my Aunt made...yes that's my breakfast!
(3) I don't have fever now...and I'm getting better though I still cough sometimes... The doctor said it's triggered by an allergy!
(4) My villages in TribalWars seem to be doing so well. (One of my text-based online game.)
(5) Reading blogs.
(6) Having my lazy Monday morning...

Later tonight, I have to work...but for the meantime, let me do Unconscious Mutterings.

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Dream big :: That's me!
  2. Competition :: Olympics
  3. Torn :: The song by Natalie
  4. Modeling :: Tall and skinny women
  5. Coaster :: Bumpy ride
  6. Slut :: Untidy
  7. Spread :: Strawberry jam and peanut butter
  8. Amanda :: The song by Boston
  9. Romance :: Love
  10. Paradise :: A relative concept...
I will read more blogs after posting this one...and maybe later, I'll think of other things to amuse myself...maybe I read!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, don't you hate when your mind won't shut off and you can't sleep. AAARGH!!

Jan said...

I hate that when I can't go to sleep. It wears you out lying there. Think good thoughts my friend. Maybe the sun is what you need to bring you up out of the doldrums. (((HUGS)))

Sid said...

Yeah I've also had trouble sleeping these last few nights.

Le Butterfly said...

Can't seem to find the cure for sleeplessness.

thanks for stopping.

Till next the next mutterings

Solomon said...

I find that having a regular waking up time helps my insomnia. I force myself out of bed at 9:30 every morning if I'm slipping back into old habits, and it really helps. I do it whether or not I want to wake up, and my brain seems to realise that I need to sleep better the next night.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more frustrating to me than lying in bed exhausted and not able to sleep. Hopefully you'll be able to shut your brain down for a much needed repair session tonight.

Unknown said...

Great mutterings. I like your Modeling answer.

Jen said...

Nice to have a lazy morning!

Anonymous said...

Untidy? That's a unique answer. lol.

Wholly Burble said...

Glad I read your other posts before this one, and know you've found some answers to your restlessness. I have had bouts with insomnia all my life--I get a lot of my novel writing done while I'm lying there--at least my body is "at rest" and my mind is being productive. Otherwise, if I "fight" trying to get to sleep, I end up with one heck of a headache LOL.