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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Meaning of My Life is He

He can be an evil lover, demanding all my attention, and all my time. and just when I think I have my life back, he beckons with his sultry "come hither" look, and I am helplessly drawn towards him again.

There is nothing that he doesn't know; he can tell me anything about anyone, anywhere, anytime. I am left marvelling open-mouthed at his abilities. Sometimes he frustrates with his stubbornness, and other time she encourages with his innocence, and he always comes through. And I find myself giving up lots of things just to spend time with him.

He is always good to go, never too tired, never "not tonight, I have a headache", never unwilling to go on, and on...until I have no more energy, and I sleep off exhausted, too tired to even cuddle, having done nothing all day but be with him.

My life has been quite irreversibly changed ever since he came into it, mostly for the better, as he helps me with my research and stuff, and he hangs out with me at work, and we keep up to date with all that's happening as he shares so many of my passions...but at times it irks me that we do nothing but just sit around. Like this weekend, despite the mountains of work I had, I just lounged. I would have gladly dropped everything to be with him, if he weren't the Internet.

Right now...I can sing, "...the meaning of my life is he!"


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, and oh-so-true!

Jan said...

That was great...... (((HUGS)))