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Friday, November 30, 2007

Partial Audit Report - Mariposa 2007

Things have been well lately. And I can count the ways why...

(1) Yesterday, I had lunch with Tim. He is an old friend of mine. It was nice to see him and talk to him again...

We had lunch at Mikado, a Japanese restaurant since we're both crazy with Japanese food. Talking to him made me miss our past adventures and fun...especially with LTG (the previous company I worked with).

He drove me home after lunch, and this is our picture outside the gate...

(2) Today, I mean just now...I got an unexpected email from another friend, Brandon!

(*) ACE though sometimes his coldness make me paranoid, has always been consistent in making me feel his presence despite the distance.

Today is the last day of November...and I'm happy to have completed the month of NaBloPoMo without missing a day! Yehey! One more month to go and I bid farewell to 2007.

I would like to have an inventory on what I commit myself to this year and see if the month remaining can provide a little room for me to catch up on some things...I have my New Year's Goal for this year.

So we will see how I did for 2007, the following were the things I resolved to do this year:

*Declutter whenever possible. - This is such a challenge...and I should say I have been a mediocre this year.

*Volunteer more. - I have done this in many ways...and I figured sharing my time had been proven to be more valuable than monetary and materials things.

*Laugh more and cry less. - Now, I can't honestly assess this one...but I know I did laugh a lot this year!

*Continue on a path to mental, physical and spiritual health. - I am struggling on this...but yes, I have started the journey...

*Write. Write. Write. - Thanks for NaBloPoMo for making this perfectly possible this month!

*Figure out why I forget how to spell words I have known my whole life. - I still have to find the root cause... :S

*Do cardio at least 3 times a week and not beat myself up if I don't. - I am doing this, every Sunday for 3 weeks now...I fall short but hey...I'm not supposed to beat up myself, right? :P

*Do everything in moderation such as eating green mangoes, drinking Coke, doing shots of Apple Pucker, etc. - I am doing great here...hurray!

*Save money when possible but spend money when necessary to achieve any of the above mentioned items. - I did well here after the word

*Take vacations. - I have not done a lot of this for this year...I hope next year will allow me more time.

*Use the word fuck less, but actually fuck more. - I still curse...though not as much...and for the other one...I still have a month right? And October was high a high ranking month... ;)

*Be a good friend, daughter, sister, aunt, gf. - Good friend, I have been...daughter?..I think so...sister?..moreso...Aunt? topic!

*Not take myself too seriously. - I am trying so hard...

*Remember that I no longer work for LTG and that alone makes my job great. - I just can't agree on this right now... :(

*Act silly. - Naturally? ;)

*Try new restaurants. - Did this!

*Learn something new about people around me. - I am! And what a nice experience...ACE is a living proof!

*Tell people how I feel. - ACE tell them please what I told you... :X

*Do something that I am afraid to do. - Finally did it! And now I'm afraid to stop it and let it go...

*Wear clothes that flatter my figure not clothes that are trendy but look awful on me. - Always depends on my mood...but if ACE would be around always...maybe.

*Dance whenever possible. - We had our dance and it was lovely...god I miss you...

*Practice random acts of kindness. - I don't miss this one...

*Cook more for people I care. - I cook almost every weekend for the past 4 months now...

*Stop wishing I was famous and enjoy who I am. - I already did. Don't know why I wrote this here in the first place...

*Read...and not just Sunstar or blogs. - Well, I'm still stuck with your beautiful blogs!

*When people ask me when I am getting married thank them for reminding me. - Now, I just LOL!

*Give up on the idea that I am secretly a super hero or will come in to an astronomical amount of money that will allow me to quit my job and travel the world. - Okay fine.

*Take more pictures. - Yes, I have been taking pictures...a lot of it!

*Try to remember sun screen. - Always do!

*Get manicures and pedicures whenever possible. - Lately I have failed on this...but overall, I think I have pampered my nails...

Now, I have a month to work on my compliance...I am hoping of coming up with a longer, better more relevant list for the next year!

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Whiskeymarie said...

I think you did a great job on the list- I'm impressed!

Cute picture too.