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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

La Mariposa and Yummy!


He is a Man

You have yourself
a perfect gentleman and a total keeper
Your guy almost always acts appropriately
He's probably even very upstanding
when you're not around
There's no boy left in your boyfriend
- he's all man!

could be the reason for this...

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting,
and giving with friends and lovers
And while you may have been hurt before,
you've bounced back
You're generally happy with your life -
and no one's grass is greener than yours
One word of caution:
some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!


Anonymous said...

Nope, not any more. I used to be when I was younger, but I let that go.

Wholly Burble said...

My dh is all man, and a bit of a teddy bear when it comes to me ;-)

Me, not a jeolous bone in my body. And I'm pleased for others' success.

I'm sure both of us wouldn't have had those answers thirty years ago, but thank God they're true now.