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Monday, November 19, 2007

Six Sigma of Occupation?!

I't s a rainy Monday today and I have nowhere to go...nothing to do...and I can never be a cheerful girl on a Monday morning was already a past so I had to preoccupy myself and something that can cheer me up aside from my cereals....

And so, I was reading blogs...and I got to Don Quixote and he pointed me to this SITE.

And I agree with NERDALERT (Don Quijote) they are funny...

My profession had been outranked by gangsters?! LOL


Jan said...

Gangsters huh.... well isn't that something. LOL Who are there people that do these rating anyway?


Anonymous said...

That graph is crazy.

I would hate to see where writers ranked.

Wholly Burble said...

Perhaps gangsters feel the most "in control" of their destiny, since they have the gun? LOL

I do think one's sense of well-being comes from the feeling of having control over one's life. And most people feel "others" control their ultimate destiny--such as "If I don't perform well, they'll fire me." Or "If the economy isn't in good shape, I could lose my job and everything."

IF, (and I am wondering who they interviewed from the gangster category? LOL), they have a sense of well-being, then it has to be because they feel they MAKE their own opportunities, they create their own success. Of course, it would be a very FALSE sense of well-being, because at any time someone else with a gun could blow them away LOL.

I think you're in better shape with your occupation OVER the gangster job (heehee)!