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Friday, November 16, 2007

Quotable Quotes

T. G. I. F. !... Continuing the Friday Five Tradition

This is something I got from manonica.

So here are my answers....

1. Would you rather be everything to everyone, or something to someone? (Javan)

Thinking out loud, I have two honest answers for this one...

(1) I want to be everything for Yummy and
(2) something for Ace...

but to be eveything for everyone...I can't be.

2. Does a fall into a ditch make you wiser? (Chinese proverb)

If making me learn to check the depth of the ditch and the width to make sure the next time I fall I would know what damage I would be getting can be counted, then I would say yes, it makes me wiser. I will never avoid it though...I will just make sure it ain't gonna cause me the same amount of harm like the last time...

3. Which is better to give your son: a skill or one thousand pieces of gold? (Chinese proverb)

I will choose skill.

4. Do you agree that winning isn't everything... but it's the ONLY thing? (Vince Lombardi)

The moment we decide to win to decide otherwise is for me winning in itself, depending on which perspective we are looking it at. So, maybe in that aspect, YES.

5. In order to be a realist, do you have to believe in miracles? (Henry Christopher Bailey)

Considering or putting aside realism and pragmatism, I would always say YES I believe in MIRACLES.
So many things have happened in my life and through my highr and lows, what had carried me through today are little miracles everyday that I have enjoyed and embraced.

Current Music: To Be Loved by Westlife
Current Mood: Missing someone terribly...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would much rather be something to someone.