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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Intoxication on a Thursday

The spirit in you and the spirit in my glass come together as one. Together they whirl about like tiny tornados that tear up my halcyon world and toss it away like a child throwing a stick with gleeful abandon. Words cannot describe the energy you infuse in me, and the surge of life you inject into my calm demeanor whenever you come around.

I hold you close, and sip from your cup of love, rolling my tongue around the smooth silk, breathing deep the heady aromas that rise from the tumbler and go straight to the head. Your alluring smile draws me into your mystical web, and ensnares me with velveteen, enveloping arms. Your touch warms me from the inside, and your cold fingers chase tiny shivers that grow into a rumbling quake that leaves me befuddled and bemused.

You engage me with electrifying fire, burning me up with passion and fuelling me to highs where there's only sheer white light, soft on the eye, and a rush to the blood. And just when we can't soar any higher, can't have any more, the bottom falls away and I dive down into a clammy grey, arms spread wide and wind screaming past my ears I fly. The clouds come up to meet me in a tantalizing hurry, as if time were rushing out from a broken hourglass. I reach out and taste you again on a numb tongue and insensate mouth, an enthralling kiss getting lost in the midst of a swirl of flashing memories and luscious smiles. With a roar the surf breaks over me, and lands me on the beach, feeling the sand drawing away from between my fingers as the rip tide pulls away and another wave crashes into me.

On the euphoric plateau stern resolutions are waived, and promises meant to be broken are made. The more I have, the more I want. The tempting taste of you lingers in my hungry mind, and the unceasing desire to make more memories, to seize the unwilling day and rattle the placid night. The spirit is willing and the flesh submits again, yearning for platitudes to quiet the savage being within.

I reach out my hand and touch you, drawing you closer. My rapt, spellbound gaze only broken as you lean into me, and hold up another glass.

So much with that...

HAPPY HNT everyone!

Note: Sorry that I have to embed this word in the photo...somebody suggested it to me. :D


Wholly Burble said...

Such poetic beauty--simply intoxicating. Thanks for sharing this with us. Reading this, brought one image after another washing through me--very well done.

Jan said...

That was beautiful.....


Anonymous said...

thats hot right there!