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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Hectic Sunday

I woke up at around 4AM, and in 10 mins I was already at the Oval of the City Sports Complex doing my jog...

There were lesser people today though...maybe it's the cold weather...or maybe I was just too early... I did 6km only today...and some few kicks...I was not really in a nice mood.

Then, I had breakfast at McDonald's with Yummy...

At around lunch time we had to go the mall to buy some stuff...and hahaha, as always I end up shopping for items I don't really need.

I bought things for my nephew...some christmas decors...plenty of it actually!

Then, I got myself a pretty pink dress...which cost me about an arm and a leg...I said about becase I don't completely agree with Yummy that it was expensive, it was just too pretty not to cost anything...but I want to count his I said..."about". :P

I am going to do the decor in a few minutes...and will try to post some pictures... Need to gather some strength first...being stuck in the mall for more than 3 hours is no joke!

And for my Unconscious it goes...

1. Filthy :: pigsty?!
2. Therapist :: can be a help or a sand
3. Duck :: cute
4. Slant :: lean back...
5. Artist :: Madonna
6. Lease :: something long term
7. Wish :: my Christmas wish list...
8. Doormat :: of all the things....I want this to be clean always (for some reasons!)
9. Global :: world wide web
10. Apartment :: I have never lived in one...but something I have wanted to try... :D

1 comment:

Wholly Burble said...

OK, getting up at four a.m. I can relate to--jogging at that time, I cannot get my mind (nor my limbs) around LOL. In the city I grew up in (do NOT live there now, I'm a country gal now)--the police would think you had committed a crime if you were running in town at four a.m. LOL

Dress sounds wonderful--you'll have to model and post picture.