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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mariposa's Seven Habits

I am starting my week with this Meme which I got from are 7 things about La Mariposa...

1. Cotton Candy anyone?

This is one childish thing I still do as an adult. I love cotton candy. I eat them after Sunday the mall...and about anywhere...regardless if I am in my business outfit or Just love it...specially the pink one!

2. I crave for something bitter!

Yes, there are moments that I crave for this dreaded taste...I drink beer for this reason. And I drink ampalaya (bitter melon) juice on a regular basis because of this cravings!

3. I love listening to Music!

I can listen practically any type of music and get lost with it! I can even live without TV as long as I have my iPod (or, anything that gives me music...) Internet is another issue though... ;)

4. I'm a BLOG addict! And nobdy knows this! :D

5. Things I feel naked without are...

...lipsticks/ lip gloss and earrings! Yes, I just feel so incomplete and not done yet without these...and I can't remember when this started.

6. I love sunglasses!

Wearing susnglasses is a Mariposa signature! This is next to my lipstick/ lip gloss. I just can't imagine going out without it, unless, there is no that would have been more alarming... This has gone worst to the point that my Optha told me to stop wearing them once in awhile because it is affecting my eyes already...

7. I overused/ misuse/ abused my cellphone!

How? Let us just say I have maxed out its uses and features...I play online games on internet on it...use it to chat/ text people all over the world...and worst...even if I am facing a landline but it's beyond reach, I, most of the time is too lazy to get up to make that I use my cellphone...and I don't track my talk time... This is something I need to change asap though because my bill is overheating!

Wow, it took me awhile to finish...can't decide what things to share...they are just so common to me that I can presume all people are doing them...

To everyone, happy Monday to you and wish you a productive and exciting week ahead...


Anonymous said...

Hey...this sounds cool. First, pls be informed that you look cute eating cotton always...since I first saw you eat it...and that was like years ago...

And right, remove that sunglasses, you have nice don't need it.

Lastly, pls don't block me here...I love reading your blog...and I won't tell anyone about it. ;)

Wholly Burble said...

Cotton candy--YES! My dh even purchased a cotton candy maker for me for my birthday a few years ago. I've enjoy it too much, and I have the cotton candy maker put away in its box and only bring it out for company (like cousins and grandkids) LOL.

Neat to read your answers, and get to know you better.