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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Being Organized and Efficicient

What an ideal world it would be if we all were perfectly organized, and thoroughly efficient. All things that have to be done would be done, and people would go about their lives with clockwork precision. There would be a regular monotony of course, but after all, who needs unpredictability, huh? (is that what it's like to live in Germany, land of faultless proficiency??? JOKE!)

Anyway, being painfully human is part and parcel of all our lives, and I must say I admire a person who set targets, defines schedules and meets his goals unerringly. However, I would not want to be that person. Yes, you heard me, no way! I think the spice of life, and the reason why I enjoy being me, is that I am asymmetrically impulsive, wittily hedonistic, and delightfully optimal in the effort I put into life. How do you approach your life?

Let me leave you with a line from George Orwell's classic Animal Farm;

~ All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ~


Rick said...

I like variety too. As they say, a rut is just a grave with both ends knocked out.

Mariposa, you asked about me doing an illustration of a butterfly for you. I would be happy to do so. If you are serious, please contact me at...

...and we can discuss just what it is that you would like to have me create.

Rick @

Anonymous said...

I think I'm more similar to your way of life.

Although I do wish I thought things out a bit more.