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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Today, I miss you more than usual.

As I await til you get to me, I prepare myself to receive you and set my focus upon those things that will provide us with comfort and contentment. Though my days often becomes frenetic and stressful, I send my thoughts to Polaris each night that he may deliver them to you as dreams. For it comforts me to hold you in my dreams… cuddling my pillow, I relinquish myself to slumber in the imagined warmth and scent of you.

Tonight, I sit here replete with images of tomorrow and salute you with merlot as well as my most ardent and admiring thoughts. I can almost taste you in the resin that crosses my lips, and I savor the sweet promise of you that spreads through my veins. You are my addiction, my endless delight, and I love you.

I rest in your arms each night in my dreams and listen to your heartbeat, leaning into you and knowing there is no better place than the safety and shelter you provide. My sweet, how easily comes my love to you, for in all things you have been succor, comfort, and nourishment. There is no thing within you that does not echo through me, our spirits dance in slow crescendo of shared joy. You are nectar rising to bless me with sweetness, and by your light I am made complete, made whole. Though we are apart, you are with me, my sweet saving grace. My thoughts, hopes, and dreams spin in slow orbit about you… like binary suns, we revolve ’round one and in one another are reflected in endless perfection.

As always, I hold the image of you gently and with much love.

Have a nice sleep...

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