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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making Memories

It’s been eons since my last posting. I don’t usually let it go so long. Well, I mean posts with meaning...the prior entry to this was written 2 years ago...not counted!

I have been busy as hell the past days...weeks but have nothing to tell you.

HINT: It is in the title, yes, that is what's keeping me busy.

Which is why this space has been silent as the grave...oh well, yeah...another winter in my blogging.
The long and short of it is that Everything’s Fine. And when EVERYTHING's fine, you know how it is.
When everything’s fine there’s not much to talk or write about, is there? It seems that I write best when in pain. Anguish is the ink in my pen and although I have dozens of little complaints and milestones, overall, I am well. Well as in really good...

With the exception of some crazy stuffs that I have been into...stuffs that I just can't put into my resume and can't just talk about at the table while having dinner, but definitely, something I would look back to each time I am all by myself in a hammock watching the sun set!

So, all has been CRAZY WELL.

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