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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Need A Vacation

I am still trying to compose my speech for my request for a leave when the Director called for a meeting. There was no clear agenda so I was guessing maybe it will just be a FYI thing for all managers since I know her stay in the center will be very short.

I was right, she just shared with us her map for the whole company and specifically for our Center here in Asia. It was very ambitious and I share with her goals...but it was very overwhelming too. I was overwhelmed because I will support her Map through my processes and procedure. I am honored to be given that trust and confidence but I need a break....Depstie the big load of work that is ahead I was still fine since I love my job and I am very efficient and effective at it. I never had problems working with deadlines and all...but I almost fell from my chair when she announced that there will be no leaves for management (leaves that will take for more than 2 to 3 days) from now until first quarter of next year.

I was trying to check my senses...I was in denial...what's going to happen to the speech that I am preparing?! What's going to happen to my plan to take a break? More importantly, what about the people that I need that leave for?

There must be sense and meaning in all this...God give me the strengh!

So, I'm back in my office...I think I just lost my kindred spirit after the meeting.

I'm going back to my Process Map now...maybe I will figure out a way later.

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