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Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Winter

I have the time and space to blog today but I can't seem to have something to say...which goes to say that my hectic schedule is not the only thing that keeps me from posting here more often.

I'm not sure where everything that I used to have to say, went. I used to be full of thoughts and rants and feelings that I needed to express, but lately, this space has become more of a day to day update. It bores me.

I used to challenge myself to post something at least everyday, but now, I'm lucky if I get to post an entry in a week. I guess it’s no big deal, these things go in cycles I suppose. Everything has a season so this say, maybe I'm just having my winter of blogging...maybe.

Yesterday, after a lousy conversation with a "friend" things just continued to get progressively worse. I have spent most of the week holding back tears, due to the aforementioned conversation, thinking something like... this week just has to get better...

WRONG! I couldn't have been more wrong, so I thought, then I found this one, and I am fine now.

I hope you find the inspiration that you have been needing to move on...I just did. :)

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