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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hey, it's your loss

You know, it could have been something awesome.

I could have treated you in ways that are usually saved for romance novels.

I could have respected your boundaries, yet pushed the envelope to enable you to explore feelings, emotions and excitement you have never experienced before.

You would have known the feeling of how it feels to have someone appreciate your essence, your very being.

You would have known the feeling of orgasms that only comes with the kind of real attention that comes from somebody who gets excited more by stimulating you than using you as a partner.

Experience and patience are tools that I could have deftly used to teach you how wonderful I could make you feel.

You know I am a “wonderful lady” and muse how lucky somebody ELSE would be to have my attention. But, you don’t think of me that way. With your eyes open, I just don’t do it for you. Too bad, you didn’t just close your eyes for a second and take a chance. I could have really made it worth your while.

In the end… it really was your loss.

Note: This was not directed to anyone specifically, or even in somebody’s general direction. It is just how I feel right now.

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