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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Going Nowhere Fast...

Life. It's about learning and teaching. Giving, not taking. Everyday this lesson is shown to me.

I really don't know how to start my ramblings and I am hoping that will be an acceptable one...
Things are not just in the right, that is my opinion, yes, my opinion, and this is my blog, so I can say what I want to say...and those who are not in can fuckin' leave.

Today, I feel I lost myself...more importantly, the writer in me. I no longer care about rhetorics, and for those who claims that Honest people use no rhetoric;Rhetoric is not honesty, cut the crap...I really admire Tao Te Ching...but please not now. All I know right now is there are a lot of things that I need to be bitching about.

First, I would like to say, with all modesty that I am a very PROFESSIONAL person.

Second, I am a believer of justice, especially in the workplace. With that said, I would like to note that, I don't whom I least trust -- Management and Ass Kissers in the company. Lately, I feel so uninspired. Management use dismissal and harassment to destroy employee morale. The Human Resources stands by and refuses to act. I remain bewildered. By the way, I almost forgot, I am with management, now, if only arseholes realize that.

Third, I am a proactive person. I have always been a believer of change for the better, why the hell do you think I'm doing process improvement?! But I hate nothing more in life than people telling me what to do. I don’t mind advice, for the most part, as long as it comes from a good place. But, if you are giving “advice” which is just thinly-veiled criticism, well please refrain, or I will cut you like cancer.

And last, I have joined this company last June. My application was a breeze...apparently because they need me, and there is no one qualified for the job.

In a few months, everything is a rollercoaster ride for me...and I have met so many kinds of beings...take note...beings, not necessarily human here they are:

False God - This character is unidentifiable, no clear gender, and of no certain specie family affiliation. One thing is certain though, this character thinks he is God, a complete control freak and a moron.

He Who sits at the right hand of the False God - This character seems naive, easy to manipulate and his brain is always brainwashed (not really sure what it's called but it sits at tthe top of his head, told you they are different sorts of beings and i'm not just so familiar with their anatomy!). He goes around, feeling the blessing of the False God radiates on him...and the more he tries to show his wit, the more he manifest the lack of it.

Thumbscrew - He thinks he is as cool as Tom C...all in his thought. He acts as if he is on top of everything, knows everything...but if you really want to know him, go find a dictionary, look for the word IDIOT, then you will see his picture there. Am not kidding, go try it!

Twinkle Curl - I thought at first she is a blinker...yes, that is what she does exactly, blink, blink and blink. lol I wish I'm kidding. She is a fashion victim, an assuming asshole, with a kinky stuff in her head. I'm not sure of her gender too, but that's what she claims to be, a SHE.

WishyWashy - This being is very dangerous. She doesn't take sides, she claims to be neutral almost all of the time. Vows at you but bit you from behind. She says she is good with numbers...I'm wondering if she is able to count the number of times she has been utterly stupid.

The New PrimaDona - Not that she really is, but that is the role she assumes, of course as directed by the False God. lol She is a fashion victim too, with her around, I'm wondering who will be on top of the list?

There are a number of character to mention, but whatthefuck?! In fairness, there are a lot of good people too...but I am here to ramble about the darkside...

I just pray this beings have any idea what the fuck they are doing...else, may the good Lord have mercy on them!

And on some personal note:

Everyone has been through something that has caused major change in a short amount of time. I was thinking to myself the other day, it has been a while since something life changing has happened to me. Makes me wonder if my stay here qualifies for that.

With all the stress they have been trying to give is what I try to do-

I'm trying to take better care of myself.
I'm trying to eat better.
I'm trying to be more active.
I'm trying to pay closer attention to my skin.
I'm trying to simplify my surroundings.
I'm trying to improve my mental health by being more congruent.
I'm trying to think of how my actions now will affect me later when I make decisions.

Just as the saying goes - When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.

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