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Friday, December 08, 2006

And The Road Goes On Forever

The title just sums up the whole essence of this blog. Though professional life's being put to a test, still I'm hanging on, LIFE'S GENERALLY GOOD and the road goes on forever...

This picture is just one of my favorite pictures I took when I went to the US few years back. Believe it or not, but this same picture has helped me put things back into proper perspectives, not just once, not just now.

I made this drive on a day in early May few years back, that dawned cooly crisp and had the promise you want every day to have. From Blanding, Utah to Hanksville and then on to Torrey and Capitol Reef. It was a weekday and I saw almost no one for miles and miles, stopping often with the only sounds the ticking of the engine and the sometimes breeze in my empty head. It was about my third day on desert time, it takes a couple to defrag and silence the voices.

I believe there is beauty that is so overpowering that it is almost too much to bear. For all of the world I have seen, the West is one of my siren. It's my forever and it makes me ache for what I know I can't have. I want to be as endless, I want to be as far as the eye can see. As dangerously hot and as brutally cold. I love how it has hurt me, burnt me, skinned my knees and hands, bloodied me with it's thorns and pricklys, blistered me and taken all my strength. I've slept covered in fine red dust and been outlined on white sheets. It's the only place that has brought tears to my eyes, the only place I've ever been truly alone, the only place I've heard silence, the only place I've been stilled.

It's the place that makes me want to live forever and the place I wouldn't be afraid to die.

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