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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life Happens

I'm a defiant bitch. Cold and callous in my planning and future. I have no time for negative people who want to bring me down and make me feel like shit. Instead I surround myself with people who care about my outcomes and support me in my decisions. Those who lift me up and whisper words of encouragement are in my circle. Those who try to control me are quickly pushed outside of it. Those who try to deter me are useless in my journey.

I'm living my life by my rules. I dont care who likes my rules and who doesn't, cause really the only person who needs to deal with the results of my actions is me. Until you prove yourself to be a place where I can rest my weary head, you will remain at arms length. True colors always shine through eventually and when they do, Im out. Though they think they matter, they don't.

I've learned some people get off on domination. They like to take the weak and bully them. They like to try to appear larger than you, smarter than you, stronger than you, and the weak cower and obey. Thing is, Im not weak. Im not submissive. Im not scared. I've been through a lot and yet I'm still standing! I don't have a story to go with it...but just the fact that I have never been defeated...

Trust is earned, not given freely. I still bare the scars of my past and they keep me reminded of the true nature of some people.

Yeah, I'm a defiant bitch... my life showed me the way.

Are you strong enough to handle me?

Sometimes kid gloves are required.

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