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Saturday, December 17, 2005

How I've Weathered My Anger

The say it is never appropriate to suppress anger. So I never disregard how I feel when I feel it.

Anything that defies my reason makes me angry! Yesterday was exactly that. I was so angry yesterday! Each time I feel anger, it is a very real feeling and at that particular moment I have an intimate relationship with it. So yesterday, I had a very passionate affair with it that I thought I was about to marry it for good...good thing I didn't!

Anger is always difficult to contain. Most of the time, I often feel the need to demonstrate it, talk about it and let people know that I am indeed angry...only and always, talking about it is not enough.

Yesterday, I opted to talk to God. It was the most peaceful conversation I've had for a long time. But I don't usually talk to God when I'm angry. I always call the Tempest when I am angry. Anger always makes me give the best speech that I always regret. Yesterday was different though. I wanted something else. I was tired, and I badly needed a rest.

I'm not going to tell how my talk with God yesterday, but I sure know I am fine now and that I will be fine. Even that is something we have to decide to and I just learn that yesterday. Talking about our anger helps only if our intentioln is to seek to understand it or find a way through it, not to justify it or hold on to it.

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