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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Home Makeover

It's the new year! And we all want to have a new look. For my case, I want a home makeover.
Yes, you read it right. I want to give my home a new look for this an acceptable cost of course! So just exactly how do I do that?

I can opt for full renovation, which can be very pricey. I can opt for changing the color of the entire, which is still pricey. Or I can just to some facelifts like taking care of the house interior.

So I tried to make some research on house interior repainting and got to Hingham Massachusetts painters which allowed me learn a lot about interior painting at an economical cost. I admit it was quite educational for me and for one, I learned that letting the professionals do the work make not necessarily spell huge cost but rather can be economical and can make you save some money in the long run not to mention being able to keep some standard and quality of work done.

So...that's it. I am giving my home some facelifts. I am checking on some palettes over the weekend. I plan to make the whole interior versatile in a way that a few change of curtains, and flowers and vases would allow me to change the look of my home interior all year round...since there is no way I can change the hues several times a year, you know!

Needless to say, I am very excited! It feels like shopping for some makeups and going to the salon for have my hair and nails done. Haha, I know it is quite an analogy but my vanity always gets extended to my abode and my car. That is how I roll. ***wink

Happy new year guys!

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