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Friday, July 15, 2011

13 Interesting Facts About Lipstick

It's Hump Day everyone...I hope you are all having fun. The week is almost over and I am hoping this week will kinder to me than the previous ones! 

I have made myself a post something here whatever happens. Today I am staying home. Ideally I should be resting that is why I'm home. But then I'm bringing work with me so there goes not getting the rest my body needs again. 

I am doing Thursday 13 today and I couldn't find any feel good topic which I can deeply relate to except lipstick. At least not with the current state of mind and body I am right now.

So here goes Thursday 13 Interesting Facts About Lipsticks

And please I beg for all your indulgence if I am making myself the model today! ;)

1. A survey result taken in 1998 showed that 32% of women claimed that they owned more than 20 lipsticks.

2. 80% of American women regularly wear lipstick. According to some Journal, 65% of women use lipstick on daily routine and 25% won’t leave house without applying it.

3. Lipsticks are sold most during gloomy rainy days.

4. The best product for everyday use is a clear lip balm. Clinique’s world-wide retail operation is reputed to sell one lipstick every second.

5. Applying only color lip gloss on your lips can work a lot and make you to look beautiful.

6. About 5% of the lipsticks are found on cups of coffee or tea, and about another 5% of the lipsticks are found inside the women’s stomach due to new flavors and essences. Isn’t it interesting?

7. Lipsticks are composed of waxes, different types of oils, pigments, emollients, Vitamin E, aloe Vera and sunscreens.

8. It is astonishing but still beeswax is one of the basic lipstick components.

9. Wax help in shaping lipstick and make it easy to apply,  caster oil is one of the most important ingredient which creates a shiny film after drying that does not smear easily.

10. A Survey studies shows that, 5% of the Lipstick goes to tissue papers and cotton tabs at the time of removing the make-up, while 15% goes in drain at the time of washing face and lips.

11. During ancient time, Noble Japanese women were not allowed to appear in public without intensive makeup.

12.he first modern lipstick with metal “bullet” case was manufactured in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1915 by the Scovil Manufacturing Company.

...this one, has been an outstanding line of Mariposa since time immemorial...

13. Women wear lipstick to warn the men that's its the wrong hole!

I hope you enjoyed your trip up to here...reading 13 stuff can be too much sometimes, you know! ;)

Happy Thursday spread the LOVE!


Ron. said...

A fascinating list. I usta drive by the old Scovil plant on a daily basis, never had any idea what exactly they manufactured.

FYI re #13: While warning may be the intent, I can say with some degree of certainty that for many men it has exactly the opposite effect. Pardon any perceived crudity; I'm just sayin

The Gal Herself said...

It makes sense that bright, happy lipsticks sell best on rainy days. Thanks for pointing it out. Great list.

Mysti Holiday said...

My DD is just starting to wear lipstick, and won't leave home without applying it. It's adorable.

Not liking the 5% in stomach, thing, but as a former waitress I can attest to the coffee mug/glass part (AND to the fact that it does NOT come off without scrubbing!).