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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A charming woman... a busy woman!


Life has been has been has never been this busy.

I miss blogging...I miss reading blogs...I miss myself. Today I just decided to spend time for myself. Even for a few minutes every day. I used to say blogging is what keeps my sanity...and at the same time it's what allows me to get crazy...and it still drives me crazy. For the past days, I've been wanting to write again. I've been trying to write again. But other than the busyness of my days, I've been devoid of thoughts. My mind go blank the moment my fingers hit the keyboard. Maybe I have nothing to share...nothing to talk about. But then, for the past days/ weeks, I feel like I was gonna explode. Just so many things in my mind. Either I go blank because I am not able to articulate them...or maybe...the emotions are too overwhelming for me to find words to express them. At any rate, I am happy to see my hands moving...and WOOT, I've been typing for the past 2 minutes. Whether I am making sense or not, at least I've finally put an end to my cocoon stage, at least as far as blogging is concern.

How have you been? I do hope for the best...and expect me to visit you soon! I miss you all.

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