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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where Do I Go Next

I am sitting at my office and I am not in my very good I started googling around and was looking for whatever I can read online. I get to a site which offers practically different tips on different things. Choosing to stay on the topic of moving (since I have been asking myself why have I moved from Cebu anyway only to get pissed at people whose views and perspective I couldn't care about!) I found several moving tips. While there are tips which are generics and I have known almost all my life and some I thought were born out of common sense there also new things I read in this site. The movers at Billy section offers me also different options of moving companies in different locations. So this is a trend. More and more resources have become available online giving consumers a wide choices. This is consumer power I would say! LOL

So randomly I started asking myself where should I go to should I move now. I have been prioritizing LA all this time but for today I have a change of heart and had thought of Houston. I have been there several years ago but never had the chance to stay long enough to know the place, now I want to visit it again. So what if I move there soon?! Aha, well, I just have to check out different companies which offer Houston moving services.

But then if only it is as easy as click on the link to check what options I have should I go there. Sigh.

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