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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Companies Comparison

One of the things which I learned when I moved to Bacolod other than finding the right place is getting to know several moving companies. While there are several options in the market we may not just look at directly the financial side of things. We also have to examine closely what are the different services and value added service each offers and most importantly feedback of fast clients. I'd say the latter matters most since nothing beats a testimonial of a client on how good a service is. 

Where I am we do not have so many choices, but while searching the net I am glad to know that this industry has slowly evolved and that there are avenues where one can get a very good comparison of different moving companies in different locations.

I am looking forward to that day when I get to see the same thing done for my place. I would love to search what options I have should I move to any place here in the Philippines. After all, after moving here in Bacolod I am now more open to exploring other areas in the country. Well actually I did not move here, I am just temporarily base here which in effect allows me to have 2 homes. This is something I never thought I would be able to afford before and now it has become a funny thought. The boss keeps mentioning about opening centers in other places and I will be covering all centers and that means having another place to stay once again. Hopefully by then I will have more information on moving companies wherever I will be going to.

So where to next? I am not really sure. I am hoping Cebu so that way I get to relax by traveling to two cities which I am already familiar with. Plus I don't have to add another place too soon because I have been wanting to getting another car.

Wish me luck!

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