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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Wish

Found the place for dog lovers! It's been awhile since I decided not to have pets...and now I am so ready to have them again. I miss Mozart and Pumpkin. And while I enjoy the company of Dexter and Einstein, they are in Cebu and I rarely get to see them.

So I am starting to shop around and checking different dog breeds. I want to investigate and lear more. You know just to try new experience. Living with dogs is great yet it is never easy. Dogs need care and can be very expensive too! But then they are always worth it, and I know most of you guys agree. Right? ;)

I am hoping the IT Guy gets to to read it...or maybe some nice friends and will send me a puppy soon. I have been wanting to have one for awhile now, just that I couldn't seem to find the time to really look for one for myself. I am really hoping to have it soon...after all, my birthday is coming! Ahem. LOL

Right now I am just trying to educate myself more on how to be very organize and in making sure I am very much ready when the time comes...which I am really hoping to be soon!

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