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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Making Banners

The other day I was just blogging about our upcoming Career Fair and how busy and so excited I am about this activity. Today I spent my day making our banner design. Of course I need it done nicely...and superbly!

I was looking around for some help in making my banner design. After some series of clicks, I found a site which offers web based software for designs of all types of advertising banners. You could just tell the level of excitement I have. I found a good source of different designs...and not only it is a great help for my corporate events but oh my, I am sure to use this for my other personal events as well. The birthday of the nephew is upcoming...and mine and the IT Guy's! So so excited.

I can't wait now to have my very own vinyl banners. This is something worth investing especially for corporate banners since this is highly durable and weather resistant. I am also thinking of putting one on our construction people will know that in there soon will rise a big call center! What do you think?! ;)

Let me go back now to my design and see if there is something to change, add or remove. This is just fun!

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