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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watch Me Wear It

I just visited T-shirt forums, trying to find some really cool shirt stuff. And when I say cool, I mean trendy, unique, creative custom made shirts! What made me get into these you may...and as most of you know I have been quite busy the past months. Oh well, it has to do with work of course. But the part which I am really loving!

We will organizing our very first job fair in 2 weeks. It will be the first in its kind me. It will be like a cook out activity we used to have in school. We will have it outdoor and it will be in the evening. There will be food and beverages, non-alcoholic of course! Right now I have already Coca-Cola and Nestle's commitment to support us by providing free beverages for job applicants, isn't that amazing?!  Anyway, other than the food and the drinks, we will also be giving away some cool stuff such key chains and pens. But then, it will never be complete with our shirts, so they say. They -means my staff.

So I am shopping around looking for some really cool shirt to seal the deal. Then I get to this Cafepress custom t-shirts and now I am as excited as my staff. I was never a fan of shirt in the past...but now that I have seen these cuties...ah, I feel like going to that Eclipse store and get some really nice shirt with me and Edward...I mean, Bella and Edward! LOL

I really look forward to having design my own shirt soon! Watch me wear it! ;)

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