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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bacolod, Land of Smile

 ...or Land of Thieves?!

To say I'm set-up is an underestimation. I am not well. I don't feel well. I'm torn between being pissed and in disbelief.

I have been panic mode for the past 2 hours. I just got home from the grocery and I can't find my cellphone. I put it inside my pocket, at the back since I was wearing jeans. My blouse was long enough to cover it. I was too busy looking for stuff that the whole time I never had the chance to take it out, which was quite unusual. I always have this habit of calling the IT Guy while doing my grocery since we used to do it together in Cebu. Now I'm in Bacolod and have to do it on my own...but today I was with Mom. 

Nothing seemed wrong. In fact I took my time at the ATM withdrawing some cash. The whole time I was not thinking of my cellphone 'til I put some of the groceries at the kitchen table. It was then I realize it's not with me. I had to call my carrier and had to argue with them for minutes because they're not able to offer any solutions except to deactivate my line. Now that was my last option. What I wanted supposedly was to just barred outgoing calls to make sure I don't get charged for any calls I did not personally make but to keep the line active so that way I can still keep ringing it in case it was turned over at the lost and found section. I gave up and just decided to let the IT Guy get a SIM replacement and send it to me ASAP. Thank goodness a friend is on his way here to Bacolod (our HR Manager) and now my SIM and my other cellphone is now en route to Bacolod. I will have my number working again as soon as it gets to me and I hope I have a way to recover my contacts because I have not backed it up for a while now. 

I know it will be unfair to say this, but this incident today will be my first and lasting impression of Bacolod. I have lived in Cebu for 30 years and this never happens to me, not even in its most notorious streets. I have bee in the worst streets of Xiamen and Shanghai, this did not happen to me. Not in Manila, not in New York, not even in nightmares. I couldn't believe I will have my share in a very laid back city, inside a small grocery store located in one of the most upscale blocks in Bacolod. 

I don't care about the phone, I care about my contacts and all the information there. I care about the photos there! 

Who do I plea? I pray to the Patron Saint of lost things. If it was not stolen, please send it back to me as I feel like I've lost half my life losing it. If it was stolen, I hope whatever he or she gets from it is worth the crime he or she just committed and more importantly worth the agony it has caused me. And if it was indeed stolen, I swear, I only need a week to trace back who did it and I certainly will get back to you and I promise to make our meeting worth my while.

I am in a new place and instead of shopping for new furniture, I think I'm going to spend most of my money making sure I find out who just screwed me up. Nobody messes with Mariposa. Nobody.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time picturing you being mean!
Did you call the phone? Surely you did. I think you might have lost it instead of it being stolen.

Good luck finding it!

Swampy said...

I agree with Southern Sage...did you call it ? At least, back track to the places you were, and ask if it has been found.
Mine dropped out of my pocket at a Japanese restaurant once. I called it and a voice at the other end answered, "HehRow." I was finally able to communicate well enough to let him know I would be back to pick it up... I hope you find yours TODAY.

Mariposa said...

I never used it. I did not take it out my pocket. However, upon typing this, I am now pretty sure that it was a group of pickpockets who did it! We recall a woman getting in front of my Mom and was talking to her nonsense...and I guess while she had our attention, somebody must have took it out of my pocket. I was to busy picking veggies!