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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simply Be Yourself

It's rather late and I'm trying to get some sleep. Meanwhile I'm helping a friend shop some clothes. She keeps complaining that she can't seem to find anything sexy given her size. Duh?! What's up with that. I believe we all can be sexy regardless of our weight, height and what have you. It all starts in the mind, then we need to project it. I am also partly blaming the size availability of some clothing brands. It's not just giving a good message to some people.

Well I'm up to prove her notion that she can't find anything sexy for her WRONG. So I have been touring the net for some minutes now and I got into this online store which sells plus size clothing. I have to say their designs are well chosen too. I LOVE them!

So there finally I found something for her. Something that will let her be herself. They are fashionable and more than anything, comfortable and let me add affordable too!

So, you need clothes that will let you be who are? Visit SimplyBe Women’s Clothing and you love to dress yourself! Promise! =)

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