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Friday, February 05, 2010

My Time Alone

February is here and almost everybody's looking forward to Valentine's Day already, I know because I am. I always do, even during the time when I had nobody with me to celebrate it with (no counting the parents of course!). 

As hard for most people to believe, there were also times when Mariposa had to spend Valentine's Day all by herself and it wasn't bad at all! ;) In fact when I was single (not that I'm married now!) I was more eager in planning my Valentine's Day. Why? Simple, I don't have to consult or wait with anyone. I can simply do whatever I want. (Right now, I just have to wait and see what the IT Guy plans for us...shhh!) So for those single ladies out there, ha, you may want to know how I survived Valentine's Day alone. 

First of all, Valentine's Day for me is not just about lovers but its for friends too. So I had dinner with other single ladies. We dress pretty and go out! Then we rent a hotel room and spend the night there drinking champagne. But of course, prior to that we made sure we ordered some heart warming chocolates and candies to accompany us. Then we talk about just anything. We talk about the weather,, the devaluation of peso, how many kids we want to have, our best and worst dates and all other out of this world stuff. But of course, all those conversation were passionate and sweet because we had the champagne and the candies! LOL

Oh boy, how I miss those moments! How I miss those candies! And yes, the champagne too.

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